NIS America releasing three new JRPGs in North America in late summer

Three new JRPGs will be heading to North American shores late this summer. Two will be for the PlayStation Vita, and one for the PS3.

(Trailer courtesy of MachinimaTrailer)

The first of these games will arrive on August 12, in the form of Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited for the PlayStation Vita. The game is a port of the PS3 title, and will contain all of the DLC as well as new backstory for the characters and new scenarios. Next up for the Vita on September 2 is Danganronpa 2, a visual novel from the makers of Zero Escape: Last Virtue’s Reward. The final game, coming for the PS3 on September 23, is a new title called Fairy Fencer F, and is from developer Compile Heart and will feature turn based combat.

All three games will retail for $40 (USD).

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1964 sees a double shot of the King of the Monsters

Following the gvt2success of King Kong vs. Godzilla, 1964 was notable in the big guy’s history on the silver screen because it is the only year in which two Godzilla movies were released. It was also the first time that the films weren’t radically altered between the Japanese and the American versions. The first film released in 1964, Mothra vs. Godzilla (released in the US as Godzilla vs. the Thing) marked the last time for the Showa era of Godzilla movies where Godzilla was portrayed as the bad guy (he would return to being a menace in 1985)...

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The Expendables 3 trailer

Stallone and crew are back with some new friends in another action romp. Take a look at the trailer below (courtesy of Roadshow Films).

The Expendables 3 hits theaters this August.

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Bambi Meets Godzilla- nothing more needs to be said

Below is the 1969 short by Marv Newland. Nothing more needs to be said. Enjoy! (courtesy of World of Gojira).

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The Last of Us getting a final piece of DLC and is coming to the PS4

The Last of Us was one of lgroundedast year’s best games, and for many one of the best for the PS3 for all time. Now the game is set to get its last piece of DLC for the PS3. This DLC will also be part of the complete package (along with the other multiplayer packs and the single player “Left Behind”) when the game is released for the PS4 under the title The Last of Us: Remastered. The Grounded Bundle is mainly for those who participate in the multiplayer, but there is something for the solo player as well. The bundle is available only to those with the season pass. Others can purchase the separate parts piecemeal, however, if they so choose. The parts of the DLC are detailed below.

For the solo player, Grounded adds a new difficulty level. Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacelli describes the new mode...

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Godzilla- Two titans of the big screen come together

kkvgGodzilla may very well be one of the most popular giant movie monsters to appear on the silver screen, but he wasn’t the first. In 1933, powered by the stop motion effects from Willis O’Brien, King Kong thrilled audiences as the giant ape battled dinosaurs on his home Skull Island and later fought the army in the streets of New York City,all the while protecting the object of his affections, Ann Darrow. Son of Kong followed shortly thereafter, but the big ape himself didn’t appear on the big screen for another 29 years...

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Godzilla returns in his first sequel

godzillaraidsagain3In between Gojira (1954) and the Americanized version Godzilla, King of the Monsters (1956), a sequel was rushed to the screen in Japan under the name of Gojira no gyakushu in 1955, which was later released to American audiences (again with inserted scenes) in 1959 under the name Godzilla Raids Again. Director Motoyoshi Oda took over as director for the sequel, which was the last in the franchise to be shot in black and white and the first to pit Godzilla against another giant monster. Most fans will agree that the Japanese version of this film (if you can find it) is the definitive version, as the American version pasted in scenes which made little sense and produced a more than likely unintended comedic effect...

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Godzilla- The beginning of a legend

godzillakotmArguably one of the most popular monsters in the history of cinema, Godzilla turns 60 this year. He’s gone through many changes over the years, but he made his first appearance in the Japanese film Gojira, directed by Ishiro Honda and released onto the screen in 1954. The film was released through Toho Co., Ltd., beginning the studio’s longtime association with the character over 28 movies. The film’s tale was a cautionary one, delving into the impact on the environment caused by the testing of nuclear weapons in the South Pacific. Godzilla was a giant prehistoric creature awakened by these nuclear blasts, causing him to rise up and wreak havoc on the modern world...

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X-Men: Days of Future Past final trailer

20th Century Fox has released a new trailer for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past. Check it out below.

The Bryan Singer helmed flick opens in theaters on May 23.

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All Star To My DOTA by Ramona Azween

One of our friends has wrote a song dedicated to DOTA player quite sometime ago (Hoping she’s also wrote a song for our Animal Crossing Malaysia facebook group). The song was nice (at least for me), and I always admire people that wrote their own songs. Enjoy.

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