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Final Fantasy Explorers coming to Japan this December

Final Fantasy Explorers, the latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, will be coming to Japan this December for the Nintendo 3DS. Check out the Japanese trailer below.

The game has various job classes for players to choose from. So far these classes include Black Mage, White Mage, Monk, and Knight. Black Mages use dark magic, White Mages use healing magic, Monks fight with their bare hands, and Knights use a sword and shield. Players can explore the world and complete quests, encountering a wide variety of monsters including Summons such as Ifrit. The game can be played solo or with up to three others in a co-op mode, which uses both local wireless and online Wi-Fi connectivity.

The game’s release date is currently set for December 18 in Japan...

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Nintendo responds to petition to have Robin Williams made into an NPC in future Legend of Zelda game

In the wake of popular actor/comedian Robin Williams death, two petitions were circulated by to have Williams immortalized in video games. Williams was known to have been an avid gamer, naming his daughter Zelda after the popular Nintendo series and doing a set of ads with his daughter for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. One petition was sent to Blizzard Entertainment to place Williams in World of Warcraft, which has succeeded and will be happening. The other was sent to Nintendo to place Williams as an NPC in a future Legend of Zelda game. Nintendo has responded to the petition, with a spokesperson speaking to Polygon...

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fantasy life

Fantasy Life release dates

Fantasy Life, from developer LEVEL-5 (Ni no Kuni, Dragon Quest, Rogue Galaxy) for the Nintendo 3DS, has release dates for both North America and Europe. Europe is getting the game a bit sooner, on September 26, while those in North America need to wait until October 24.

Fantasy Life is an RPG where you can play as you like, whether that be an adventurous explorer, fisherman, or wood-cutter. The game has 12 different life classes that you can change to at any time, and reinvents itself depending on what Life you lead. The game is open world, with plenty of unique areas for you to explore, and you can create your own home in each town, complete with custom designed furniture. The game is designed for you to create your own adventure and play as you wish...

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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire reveals Mega Evolutions

The remakes of the 2002 Game Boy Advance titles Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire coming to the Nintendo 3DS this November are looking to be loaded with Mega Evolutions of Pokemon not used in previous games. Take a look at the series of trailers below.

The games Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire were announced by Nintendo on May 7 of this year as remakes of the first two Pokemon titles that were released on the Game Boy Advance. The games will take place in the Hoenn Region and will feature the Generation 3 Pokemon and Mega Evolution versions of Pokemon not used in previous games...

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Thoughts on Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS)


Hubba Hubba <3

Fire Emblem  is a video-game series which started off in Japan more than 20 years ago and was developed by Intelligent Systems. It is one of the  pioneering games in the tactical role-playing game genre, and was vastly known for being one of the first in the Eastern style role-playing games. The games that were produced in the series were great, and had soon become widely popular in Japan. However, there was not much to say about the game outside of Japan, as all of the games were Japanese exclusives. A decade later the seventh game was released internationally, and had a great response worldwide. Every game since then has been released internationally, excluding  Fire Emblem: Shin Monshō no Nazo: Hikari to Kage no Eiyū on the Nintendo DS.

Now, nearly 2 decades since ...

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Disney Infinity 2.0 getting two more characters in Aladdin and Jasmine

The list of characters for Disney Infinity 2.0 continues to grow. Take a look at the new announcement trailer below for the latest additions.

Yep, Aladdin and Jasmine will be joining the Marvel figures, Merida, Maleficent, and Stitch, among others, in Disney Infinity 2.0, with Aladdin hitting stores shelves sometime this autumn and Jasmine coming in early 2015. Both come with props (Aladdin gets his scimitar and magic lamp, while Jasmine gets her magic carpet) and will have several Power Discs, among them Jasmine’s Palace View, The Sands of Agrabah, Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride, and Rags to Riches.

Disney Infinity 2.0 is set for release September 23.

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New releases for the week of Monday, August 4, 2014

Not a lot of big games being released this first week of August. The action/RPG Sacred 3 hits consoles and the PC this week, and Sony’s Summer Sale continues with The Swapper, as the critically acclaimed game moves from PC onto the PlayStation consoles and handheld. We get a movie tie-in on the Nintendo 3DS, and yet another version of Street Fighter IV. On the home video front, we get the young adult sci-fi flick Divergent, the horror thriller Oculus, and the video game inspired Need for Speed. On the big screen this week, producer Michael Bay gives us a new vision of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we get a food fest in The Hundred-foot Journey, and watch as a small town faces the wrath of Mother Nature in Into the Storm...

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Indie Games: Shedding Unwanted Fat

Look, it’s understandable that when you drop $399+ on a new piece of next-gen tech, you expect to see some heavy-hitting, massive, graphically gorgeous AAA games. This gen will be no stranger to that, with Uncharted 4, Halo 5, The Legend of Zelda on their way, and we already have Super Mario 3D World and Titanfall. However, when you have that type of budget, and are dealing with big titles such as these, you can’t always innovate drastically, and risk alienating the fan-base. That’s just sequels! Ubisoft has gone on record of saying that they will not make a game unless it’s a guaranteed franchise starter. You can’t risk money like that, and not have it return...

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Marvel villains are coming to Disney Infinity 2.0

The Marvel universe is growing for the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0. In addition to Avengers, Spider-Man, and the recently announced Guardians of the Galaxy playsets, you’ll also be able to play as a trio of villains- Loki (from The Avengers), Green Goblin (from Spider-Man), and Ronan (from Guardians of the Galaxy). Check out the video below.

Disney Infinity 2.0 will be available September 23.

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New releases for the week of Monday, July 28, 2014

This last week of July isn’t overly big with new releases, but it does have a few of note. The Last of Us Remastered releases on the PS4, so those who didn’t have a PS3 can see what everyone was raving about, as Naughty Dog’s version of a post apocalyptic America is well worth your time. Rogue Legacy makes the leap from the PC to Sony’s platforms for those wanting a dungeon crawler fix, and there’s a new LEGO game for the handhelds. On the home video front, Darren Aronofsky’s (Black Swan, The Fountain) biblical epic Noah debuts, as does the Cameron Diaz comedy The Other Woman. Those who remember the delightfully bizarre David Lynch series Twin Peaks can dive in all over again with the release of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery...

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