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Marvel villains are coming to Disney Infinity 2.0

The Marvel universe is growing for the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0. In addition to Avengers, Spider-Man, and the recently announced Guardians of the Galaxy playsets, you’ll also be able to play as a trio of villains- Loki (from The Avengers), Green Goblin (from Spider-Man), and Ronan (from Guardians of the Galaxy). Check out the video below.

Disney Infinity 2.0 will be available September 23.

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New releases for the week of Monday, July 28, 2014

This last week of July isn’t overly big with new releases, but it does have a few of note. The Last of Us Remastered releases on the PS4, so those who didn’t have a PS3 can see what everyone was raving about, as Naughty Dog’s version of a post apocalyptic America is well worth your time. Rogue Legacy makes the leap from the PC to Sony’s platforms for those wanting a dungeon crawler fix, and there’s a new LEGO game for the handhelds. On the home video front, Darren Aronofsky’s (Black Swan, The Fountain) biblical epic Noah debuts, as does the Cameron Diaz comedy The Other Woman. Those who remember the delightfully bizarre David Lynch series Twin Peaks can dive in all over again with the release of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery...

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – Where “Going Bananas” is Encouraged

Tropical Freeze was my first Donkey Kong Country game  (I played Donkey Kong Land 3 on Game Boy Advance), though I’m quite familiar with the character through Smash Bros. and Mario Party, as well as the arcade original, which actually starred Cranky Kong as the villain, the original DK. Well, technically the villain was Jumpman, aka Mario, as the manual explains he abused DK, and DK took his girlfriend and smashed barrels around his house. Eventually his descendant became great friends with Mario and gang, and regularly races karts and plays soccer against them. This is the DK that stars in this game. I’m aware, however, that this is the first game to star Cranky Kong as a playable character, as he originally was just a shopkeep, though that role is filled by Funky Kong for this game...

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Guardians of the Galaxy getting their own playset in Disney Infinity 2.0

You had to figure it was coming, with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie set to open in theaters next week, but it’s official: Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon will be getting their own playset in Disney Infinity 2.0. Check out the trailer below.

The playset will not only contain the five playable characters from the movie, but will also support two crossover characters: Iron Man (from the Avengers playset) and Nova (from the Spider-Man playset). Collecting 10 tokens during the campaign unlocks the crossover characters, which have their own unique missions. The playset will take story cues from both the movie and the current comics run, and has plenty of items to unlock in the Toy Box Mode. These items include:

Gamora’s space armor for added protection against enemies

A t...

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amid the ruins

New for the week of Monday, July 21, 2014

It may be a small week, games wise, but there are two additions worth noting. The penultimate episode of Telltale Games The Walking Dead: Season Two arrives in “Amid the Ruins”. Those looking for further ways to die in Drangleic can experience the first chapter in the Dark Souls II DLC The Lost Crowns Trilogy in Crown of the Sunken King. PS4 users can take a new trip to Oddworld with Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. On the home video front, viewers can watch the story of a boy who claims to have seen Heaven in Heaven is For Real. Johnny Depp becomes a digital deity threatening mankind in Transcendence, Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on drug dealers in Sabotage, and Deunan Knute and  Briareos return in the third film of the anime franchise Appleseed in Appleseed Alpha...

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Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition: Wii U Review

I have fuzzy memories of this game based on recollections of watching a friend play it on his PC. Another World was an extraordinary game in a wonderful age of gaming. It arrived during the generational leap forward for graphics. Me? I was still stuck with gaming in 16-color EGA.

Another dimension

First released in 1991 (the year that would also see notable releases like Street Fighter II, Lemmings, Civilization), Another World was unlike any other game anyone had ever seen. It had a strong cinematic feel to it and was highly praised for it across large sections of the gaming media. It’s gameplay as an action-platformer advanced concepts previously seen in Pitfall and Prince of Persia where razor sharp timing was key for continued survival and in-game advancement.

Another World - falling cut scene

In-game cut scene: At fi...

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New releases for the week of Monday, July 7, 2014

As the fireworks from the holiday die down (at least here in the US) and we enter the first full week of July, pickings are again slim on the new release front. Bigby Wolf’s investigation is brought to a close with the release of the season finale for The Wolf Among Us, and pirates can run amok in One Piece: Unlimited World Red. The action flick The Raid 2 bows on home video this week, along with the Jason Bateman comedy Bad Words. And the apes return to the big screen as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes takes over theaters this Friday. Off to the list we go and, as always, release dates are subject to change.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5- “Cry Wolf”- PS3 (NA), PC, Macintosh

(trailer courtesy of IGN)

One Piece: Unlimited World Red- PS3, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation ...

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New releases for the week of Monday, June 30, 2014

A very thin week this time around. The biggest game for the week is Sniper Elite III, which has already released for PC users and now comes to Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. Time to shoot some bad guys in slow motion and watch cool x-ray visions of your shots. Never got old in the previous game, and this looks to be even better. Elsewhere, Ubisoft’s wonderful fairy tale Child of Light comes to the Vita. The crazy and fun platformer Guacamelee! gets a supercharged edition for the PS4, and iPhone users can enjoy a second Civilization Revolution. The home video front is dominated by TV shows. Legend of Korra: Book Two, Spirits debuts to coincide with the beginning of Book Three on Nickelodeon, and season one of the sci-fi series Helix is out...

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The First 51 Minutes of One Piece Unlimited World Red 3DS Version

This game available today for Europe region and July 8th for North America region. The game looks good with Luffy and his friends fighting their way in the New World. One Piece hardcore fans should get this game.

Enjoy the video below:

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Fantasy Life coming to US in October 2014

Announced in the last E3 Digital Conference, another Nintendo decent RPG game coming to US this October. With different classes of characters with different abilities, colorful enemies, this game will grind away your time.

Enjoy the trailer below.

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