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Black Pit, Ganondorf, Palutena and Zero Suit Samus Amiibo

This post is a little late due to my condition back few days ago. Been admitted and just discharge. So enjoy this batch of Amiibo. Was told that this batch the Amiibo is more details from what you see on the Internet. Well you’ll be the judge.

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Splatoon Triple Pack & Greyninja GET!!!

Finally, after days and nights of pressing F5 on my keyboard, eventually managed to get these thing at much simple way. Yeah the price was a little inflated for all of these (compare to the retail price), well at least you know that triple pack IS A WORTHY SET to collect/own due to the rarity of 3 sets (compare to standalone Super Smash Series)

As you can guess Greyninja is the all sold out. The only left is only 1 set of triple pack. Might keep it for myself.

Stay tune for the next batch of goodies coming from Japan.

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Between Paint and Sword fight


Yes I am aiming for a set to sell (or collect). These guys are just hard to get. If is not out of stock for pre-order OR with a hefty price. Still aiming for one though. Release on 29/5/15.



On the other hand, someone asking me to get this Fire Emblem if Special Pack for him. Well I do hope that my supplier can get me some for sale. Again, jack up price. Release on 25/6/15.


UPDATE : I do have 2 Villager Amiibo and 2 Fire Emblem if Faceplate for sale. Do comment/PM if you’re interested.

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braverly second

Bravely Second E-Store Collectors Pack getto (and sold)

Hi, this is andrewcha here. First time joining in the group to post some of the pre-order stuff that I sold. Basically just wanted to share some of the stuff that I got during my peak gaming period (between 2012-2015). That includes some of the Collectors stuff that I owned (or wanted to sell) and some of the product that I get. Eventually you can check out my Facebook group under my affiliate (yeah I know, my group name sucks).

Wanted to test out my trial and error to sell stuff/making pre-order via YouTube. This is the first video of my recent purchase from Square Japan E-store.

If you’re interested to get Collector’s stuff in Japan, I can try my best to cater to your needs. Well, for a limited quantity, of course. More video coming in the future of items to show/sell...

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Saying goodbye to 2013 and looking forward to 2014


Just a few more hours left in the old year (at least where I live) and then 2013 will be in the books. It’s been a fairly good year for all types of entertainment media, from gaming to movies to television to comic books. Gaming has seen the birth of a new generation of consoles with the PS4 and Xbox One (though Nintendo got the jump on both Sony and Microsoft by releasing the Wii U in 2012), while the current (now previous?) gen is still going strong. A lot of quality games were released over the past twelve months, giving gamers plenty of choices when it came to picking the personal GOTY...

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Holiday gift guide- 2013: Pt 1 (Consoles, PS4 and Xbox One games)

presentsIt’s that time of year again, that time to hit the malls or online stores in search of just the right gift to give. With so many things to choose from, how do you figure out what might be right for someone? Well, we’re here to hopefully help with that, with a few suggestions for that gamer or movie buff on your list. We’ll give a range of items to choose from, and list some suggestions for all age groups. Prices given are USD, and may vary depending on current sales in your area. So, let’s get to it, shall we?


2013 has been another great year for gaming, with two generations of consoles now running side by side. It’s been a year where no one genre seemed to dominate, with plenty of titles to choose from...

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Confessions of Mobile Suit

When I bought my first Gunpla, I think it wasn’t because I had any interest with any of the Mobile Suit Gundam series. It was more because my brother had it. I think my first was SD Shenlong of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Then I abandoned them until the Mobile Suit Gundam Seed series. Since then I’ve tried to follow the universe of Gundam. Unfortunately, the series is going down, and because of that I haven’t watched any of them for the time being.

Epic Battle? I guess not…. It isn’t even close

The first season is all about two races: Natural(Human), who reside on Earth and Coordinator, the enhanced version of human, who live in  colonies in orbit on the brink of war...

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Superman Unchained- A book worthy of the Man of Steel

su coverSuperman Unchained #1    DC Comics    4.99

With the launch of the New 52, Superman hasn’t fared as well as that other DC heavyweight, Batman. Now, Batman scribe Scott Snyder turns his attention to the man in blue, and, along with artist Jim Lee, brings us one of the best Superman titles to come out in recent years. Superman Unchained is just what you want a Superman book to be. It’s filled with plenty of action and humor, and gives a new look to some familiar characters. It starts off well and doesn’t let up until the end, with a final panel leaving you wanting more.

The book opens in the middle of a crisis, with Superman trying to save the crew of a space station that is plummeting to Earth...

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Adventures of Superman- a new anthology series tackles the Man of Steel

adventures of supermanAdventures of Superman #1

DC Comics 3.99

Superman has had many writers tackling stories suitable for the man of Steel of his 75 year history. In recent years, things haven’t always gone so well, especially since DC launched the New 52. But things look to change, and this new anthology series featuring three different stories by some of comics’ finest writers looks to change that. The first issue of Adventures of Superman is off to a terrific start, with three stories that are all well told, boast some fine artwork, and great writing.

The first story, “Violent Minds”, pits Superman against a dangerous telekinetic...

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Superman: 75 years of an American icon

Superman wikipediaSuperman. The very name is known worldwide, bringing with it the image of the man in blue with a billowing red cape, a large “S” prominent on his chest. He fights for truth, justice, and the American way, although in recent years his role has been expanded to include of mankind on the planet Earth. Born on the planet Krypton as Kal-El, he was sent to Earth by his father, Jor-El, when his homeworld’s red sun went supernova. He crashed into a cornfield in Smallville, Kansas, where he was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who raised him as their own son. As he grew older, he learned of his heritage and left the Kents’ farm, going out into the world and eventually arriving at the city of Metropolis, where he assumed the identity of mild mannered reporter Clark Kent for the Daily Planet...

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