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LEGO The Hobbit- A familiar journey that’s still worth your time

legohobbit4It seems we’ve gotten more than our share of LEGO games as of late. The plastic bricks even hit the big screen this year, followed by the prerequisite video game tie-in. One would think all of this exposure would burn out gamers on the franchise, and yet the games still provide enough enjoyment to make us dive into each and every entry. The latest title, LEGO The Hobbit, is no exception, as it provides the same fun gameplay as previous titles, with a couple of tweaks and one of the most coherent narratives of the series. The narrative hews very closely to its source material, that being the first two Hobbit films from director Peter Jackson, An Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug...

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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3- A Crooked Mile- The tension mounts

ep3twauTelltale Games The Wolf Among Us has now reached its halfway mark. To date, the series has matched that of The Walking Dead Season One in quality, even with sadly being marred by the same continuing technical issues on the console versions. The noirish tale of murder in Fabletown has thus far proved to be highly engrossing, with the lead character of Bigby Wolf proving to be an engaging and likeable hero of sorts. The story has had its share of twists and turns through the first two chapters, and contains a cast of well defined characters based on Bill Willingham’s excellent Vertigo comics series Fables. While Episode 2- Smoke and Mirrors was primarily setting the stage for things to come, it still held your interest throughout, even though the overall plot didn’t progress all that much...

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Tower of Saviors: Packed with ‘matching’ goodness

Card games are the rage of mobile gaming in Asian countries as of late. The art is fancy, the gameplay mechanics are simple and it’s perfect for short bursts on the subway. These games, although fairly simple at a first glance, also boasts an addictive approach suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers; complete that stage! And might I add, it is actually quite fun as a mobile game.

Tower of Saviors (ToS) is a mobile game developed by MadHead Limited based in Hong Kong. Among the many card mobile games, Tower of Saviors is one of the successful ones. The game combines both “match 3 tiles” and RPG concepts similar to Puzzle & Dragons.

To make my explanation on the gameplay easier, here’s an analogy: Imagine you, the player, as an all-powerful Summoner able to summon any monsters from yo...

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier- Marvel Studios starts off the summer movie season early in awesome fashion

capAs we continue on into Marvel Studios stage 2 of the Marvel cinematic universe things are just getting better. The post Avengers films have been solid so far. Iron Man 3 was entertaining, even though it divided fans with its portrayal of The Mandarin. Thor: The Dark World built on the foundation of the first outing and delivered. Now, it’s Captain America’s turn. Could Cap deliver? Joe Johnston’s movie worked well with the character in the World War 2 setting, but how would things fare as Cap was brought into the modern age?

As it turns out, quite well, indeed.

This time around, Anthony and Joe Russo (You, Me, and Dupree) take over the directorial reins...

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Professor Layton and The Azran Legacy: Goodbye, Professor

azranThere are many puzzle games out there, but none as good as the Professor Layton series. Combining both wonderful story telling and puzzle solving, Level-5 has successfully captured the hearts of many around the globe. Spanning 6 games, 2 spin-offs (1 of them is to be released real soon this year!) and a movie, Professor Layton now finally comes to an end with his final adventure; The Azran Legacy. The game continues from the previous title, Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask, but even without completing the other, Azran Legacy is still enjoyable on its own.

Despite churning out new Professor Layton games a year after another consecutively, Level-5 never fails to deliver. Each title has their own adventure for the players to follow and The Azran Legacy is no different...

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Kid Icarus Uprising Retro Review

This is a game released by Nintendo (For 3DS) back in March 2012, and it has become one of my all-time favorite 3DS games. The story of the game is set 21 years after what happens in the original Kid Icarus game (in 1987 , a classic!). Pit, the main character, is still fighting an Underworld army, led by Medusa. With the help of Lady Palutena, the Goddess of Light, Pit gains a temporary Power of Flight (flying), but only for a short time.


The game breaks into 2 parts on most levels, the first part where Pit is flying through sky (and space) shooting enemies, and then a Land battle. The story and voice acting is amusing and fun to hear, with a great sense of humor. Enjoy the gameplay trailer by IGN.

The combat system and control are what I like the most, although many people will not ag...

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Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode Two- A superb ending to a superb game

burial at seaThe final piece of DLC has arrived for Irrational Games Bioshock Infinite, and it ends things fantastically. Through the game you’ll get to see more of Rapture, this time through Elizabeth’s eyes. Her journey is quite different from that of Booker’s, and will take you from the depths of the sea up to the clouds and back again. It all leads to one incredible finale, nearly as mind blowing as that of the main game, with just a little misstep along the way. This is Irrational Games swan song with the franchise, and they went out in style, giving us some answers to a couple of the franchise’s mysteries and providing a suspenseful outing highlighted by superb stealthy gameplay...

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes- A solid, though incomplete, package

mgs zeroes2Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a bit hard to quantify. It’s being sold as its own (albeit lower priced) game, yet it truly is just a set-up and a tutorial for the much larger Phantom Pain, which is set to be released sometime in 2015. Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way off the bat, shall we? I’m talking about the whole price vs. quantity debate that has been swirling around the title ever since Game Informer stated that its main campaign could be completed in under two hours. And while that’s more or less true (depending on a player’s skill level, the main story will take anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours to complete, not counting speed runs), there is more to the game than just the main campaign...

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Confessions of the Ultimate Student

Imagine that you’re accepted into the country’s number 1 school but then you can’t leave the school ever because the headmaster won’t let you. You can only leave the school once you kill someone, while every other pupil knows nothing of what you’re doing or you stay in the school until you’re dead. This what happens in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc offers a fascinating look at the human condition, expertly delving into the machinations that would cause some to travel down an immoral path. Sure, killing my friends has never entered my mind, but everyone has a breaking point.

From Spike Chunsoft, at first the game has a similar vibe to the Zero Escape series, where we had to escape the facility and somehow deal with the Prisoner’s Dilemma, but ...

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The Walking Dead: Season Two-Episode 2: A House Divided- A new menace, a nice surprise, and plenty of suspense

a house divided2The first episode of Telltale Games The Walking Dead: Season Two, All That Remains, consisted of a lot of set-up for the new season, catching us up with Clementine post Lee and introducing a new group for Clem to deal with. With that out of the way, the second episode, A House Divided, is able to dive right into the action, and gives us plenty of it along with some nice character moments. Between suspenseful combat and escapes, and Clem’s interaction with the other characters, Telltale has crafted possibly their best episode yet...

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