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Bloodborne: Bloody adventures in the town of Yharnam

I’ll get this out of the way right up front: This is not the full review for Bloodborne, so there won’t be a score yet at the end. I’ve been playing it a fair amount since its release on Tuesday, March 24, and have close to 20 hours into the game. Bloodborne is huge, with a lot of areas to explore along with the Chalice dungeons, dungeons you unlock and are randomly generated, thus delivering a fresh experience every time. The stamp of From Software’s Souls series on the game is quite evident, from the similarity in the controls, to using a hub world to level up, and in the oppressive (in a good way) atmosphere that surrounds the mysterious and afflicted town of Yharnam...

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Battlefield Hardline: War hits the streets

The Battlefield franchise has long dealt with warfare in its most familiar form: That of conflicts between nations. In recent years terrorists have replaced rival nations as the go to bad guys, making for huge set pieces involving military hardware. Now, in an effort to shake things up, EA, with developers Visceral Games and DICE, have moved war to the city streets, focusing on the war on drugs instead of the war on terror. Was this move successful? In a word, yes. Battlefield Hardline ended up with one of the most engaging single player campaigns since Bad Company, and the multiplayer modes featuring cops and criminals proved to be just as engaging as that featuring soldiers and terrorists...

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Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 4 “Metamorphosis”- Things end with a bang in a satisfying but slightly predictable finale

“Metamorphosis” winds up the main campaign of Resident Evil Revelations 2 with a predictable bang, and even though the ending feels like somewhat of a cheat, it still satisfies. The two halves on the chapter are a bit more uneven this time around, with the Claire/Moira segment feeling very abridged and a bit rushed, and the Barry/Natalia segment is drawn out until the big showdown between our heroes and the Overseer. Both segments have their share of cheap deaths, and both have a part where switching between characters is a must. There is one part in the Claire/Moira half that can influence the Barry/Natalia section, but in the end it truly doesn’t make a great difference, just a change of the path followed...

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Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 3 “Judgement”- Deadly puzzles and more interesting developments

Things continue to ramp up with Episode 3 of Resident Evil Revelations 2. “Judgement” takes things up a notch by adding some well done and deadly puzzles to the mix, and forces players to make use of both characters in the pair during their respective segments. Co-op players may have a slightly easier time, and for solo players you need to be on your toes to know when to switch between the characters, Any indecision can end in gruesome death, and it makes for some very tense sequences. The story adds a couple more twists and turns, and ends once more on a very interesting cliffhanger. It has me quite curious as to how “Metamorphosis”, the final episode, will wrap things up...

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Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 2 “Contemplation”- Things are getting creepy

“Contemplation” gets us right into the action following the first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2, “Penal Colony”. The opening cut scene has us following members of Terra Save as they try to deal with the horrors of the island. Once the cut scene has ended, things are back in the player’s hands as we’re reunited with Claire and Moira, who are making their way to a mysterious tower. Again we have some familiar horror game environments to move through- the ramshackle seaside village, the ruined city- and while they’re perfectly serviceable, they’re not very memorable. But at least we’re out of the prison, which opens things up to include some weather effects. We also get some new enemies, along with a couple of frustrations (things that should be long out of games)...

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rer2 ep 1 title

Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 1 “Penal Colony”- A decent start to the franchise’s latest

The Resident Evil franchise has returned, this time with the serialized sequel to Resident Evil Revelations, which first appeared on Nintendo’s 3DS. This time around, however, Nintendo is left out in the cold, as Resident Evil Revelations 2 is only available on the Sony and Microsoft platforms and on PC. Episode 1, titled “Penal Colony”, launched this week. So, how did it fare? Has the franchise found its way back to its survival horror roots, or is it more like the more action oriented entries of 5 and 6?Like its predecessor, it’s a little of both. The atmosphere evokes the horror aspect nicely, even if it takes place in a setting that’s long been familiar to horror fans...

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The Order: 1886- A cinematic thrill ride that works despite being on the short side

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way right at the start. Much has been made of Ready at Dawn’s alternate history action game The Order: 1886 and its length. One YouTube video claimed to get through the game at 5 hours, others have stated it took longer. You’d have to make a speedy run to clock in at around 5 hours, but by no means is The Order: 1886 a long game, as most gamers will fall in the 6-10 hour range depending on their level of skill and how much you explore and spend time seeking out the collectibles. Replayability will also depend on two things- one, if you loved the story and want to experience it again, and two, if you’re a trophy hunter going for an easy platinum (to get all trophies make take two runs through)...

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Evolve- Survival of the fittest on a hostile world

Shear isn’t the friendliest of places, as colonists begin to find out as they encounter large, dangerous beasties. To aid them a group of Hunters is called in, and four descend at a time to take on a ferocious monster. This sets the stage for Evolve, a new (mostly) online shooter from Turtle Rock Studios (Left 4 Dead) and 2K. It delivers 4v1 play, with four players (or bot in an offline solo mode) take on the role of four Hunters, one each from a different class (Assault, Trapper, Medic, and Support) taking on another player (or bot) in the role of one of three monsters (Goliath Kraken, and Wraith, with a fourth monster, the Behemoth, coming as future DLC)...

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dying light

Dying Light- Running scared and having fun in the city

Zombie games have become a dime a dozen in recent years, especially with the success of The Walking Dead television show and comics, though zombies have been a staple in videogames for quite some time, most notably with the Resident Evil series. Techland opened things up a bit in 2011 with Dead Island, giving you the large open world environment of Banoi to explore and battle the undead masses. They followed that up with Dead Island: Riptide in 2013, and now with the newest generation of consoles they’ve up their zombie game a bit further. Dying Light again gives us a large open world to explore with the city of Harran, which is divided into two sections- the Slums and Old Town. Things are varied up a bit throughout Harran, though they may be familiar to survival horror fans...

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Fury- A war film that packs a punch, when it stays on track

War films have long dominated the cinema, and have provided us with plenty of dramatic and thrilling sequences on the big screen. From the storming of Omaha beach in Saving Private Ryan to the helicopters storming a Vietnamese village accompanied by Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” in Apocalypse Now, war movies have given us some powerful and memorable images. Now Brad Pitt, in the lead role and that of producer, along with director David Ayer (Street Kings, End of Watch), seeks to join that lineage of great war movies with Fury. And, for the most part, they succeed, save for a sequence midway where things go a little off track. Fortunately things get back to business after that to deliver a thrilling finale that proves satisfying, even if it is a bit predictable.

Fury is set in April, 194...

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