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Alien: Isolation Not Coming to Wii U

Yep, Wii U owners who have been looking forward to the release of the game will sadly have to look elsewhere. SEGA confirmed yesterday that Alien Isolation will not be making its way to Nintendo’s much maligned console. In Alien: Isolation’s recent tweet about the game, they had this to say:


This isn’t the first time that the Wii U has been neglected by developers as the most recent case was when WB Interactive stated that the multiplayer mode from Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer would be omitted altogether. Third party support has never been strong on Nintendo’s consoles throughout the years and it looks to be no different yet again as games, DLC, and modes are continually being overlooked. Wii U owners, what do you make of this?

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New Tales Game to be Announced

The next entry in the Tales franchise is set to be revealed on the 12th of December by Namco Bandai. Siliconera, says that the reveal will be part of the NicoNico stream that will take place at 7 PM (Japanese time). Consequently, its teaser site will also be updated following the stream.

Tales official Twitter account confirmed that a new Tales game was on it’s way, although details were vague at the time. Speculation has been rife following a series of trademark registrations by Namco Bandai, prompting fans to speculate that a new game announcement was imminent.

This game marks the 15th entry in the long-running JRPG series – whether it will make its debut on a next-gen console will be known as its announcement draws closer.

It is unlikely that the game will be localized for Western audi...

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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies latest DLC case is out now

Yep, the first DLC case for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Turnabout Reclaimed can now be downloaded from the US Eshop for $5.99.

In this case, it focuses on Phoenix Wright after donning his attorney’s badge once again. It also see’s the return of Pearl Fey, Maya’s cousin whom every self-respecting Ace Attorney fan will remember as the wide eyed and ever curious spiritual medium.


Cue the strange proceedings

The case centers on Sasha Buckler, a pirate who asks Phoenix Wright and co. to defend a friend who has been found guilty of murder. Nothing bizarre about that, except in true Ace Attorney fashion, said person is a killer whale! Expect wacky moments, shocking revelations and a gripping narrative to accompany this DLC case. Now if you will excuse us, we are about to dive in.

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Miyamoto opts out from making the next Mario

Mario’s creator Shigeru Miyamoto who was recently interviewed by Gamekult said that he will not be working on the next Mario game after Super Mario 3D World. 

Miyamoto who has been taking a hands-off role in the Mario games as of late, had this to say. “Creating a Mario of 3D World’s calibre demands enormous energy and there is little chance that I’d be able to take the time necessary to work on the next Mario,” he said. “Instead, I want to get involved more heavily in the development of new, smaller-scale projects, but that doesn’t necessarily mean just modest downloadable titles...

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Editor reaction (Johnny Blaze) from a PR and marketing perspective: Nintendo pulls the plug on Swapnote / Letter Box after ‘discovering’ minors were receiving illicit photos

Swapnote / Letter BoxOn 1 November 2013, Nintendo made the surprising decision to shut down it’s popular Swapnote / Letter Box service.

- – -

Notice about service for Nintendo 3DS software Nintendo Swapnote / Letter Box

Thank you for your support.

Nintendo has learned that some consumers, including minors, have been exchanging their friend codes on internet bulletin boards and then using Nintendo Letter Box to exchange offensive material. Nintendo has been investigating ways of preventing this and determined it is best to stop this service because it allows direct exchange of photos and was actively misused.

Nintendo always wants to provide a positive experience for all consumers and limit the risk of any inappropriate activity or misuse of a service...

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Swapnote / Letter Box

Nintendo pulls the plug on Swapnote (SpotPass)

Yes, you read that right. Swapnote’s main appeal of sending and receiving notes online (Spotpass) has been suspended indefinitely. Nintendo made the decision to stop this feature after discovering that certain users were using the app to exchange offensive and explicit material.

“Nintendo has learned that some consumers, including minors, have been exchanging their friend codes on Internet bulletin boards and then using Swapnote (known as Nintendo Letter Box in other regions) to exchange offensive material”, said Nintendo on its website.  “Nintendo has been investigating ways of preventing this and determined it is best to stop the SpotPass feature of Swapnote because it allows direct exchange of photos and was actively misused.”

“Nintendo always wants to provide a positive expe...

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perfect apples

Perfect Fruits – An Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide

Your native fruit may sometimes grow a “perfect fruit“. Noticeably different from the others, they are also worth far more than the rest, making them a good alternative to gathering some much needed Bells. By planting a perfect fruit, a perfect tree will grow in its place. However, this tree will wither away after a few harvests.

A pear tree

How do I know what my native fruit is?

Remember the first fruit tree that you saw in your town? That is your native fruit. If you have a hard time recalling what it was, try selling the fruits that you have in your town. Whichever one fetches the least number of Bells, is your native fruit.

Growing a Perfect Fruit Tree

By actively harvesting your native fruits, the chances of obtaining a perfect fruit will increase...

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3DS LL Gold

New 3DS LL designs unveiled

Feast your eyes on these new 3DS LL designs, which are currently slated for release in Japan.

3DS Pokemon Blue XL

Xerneas and Yveltal Blue

3DS LL Gold

Premium Gold

These new designs, will be released, along with a copy of the game, 4GB memory card, six AR cards and a stylus on October 12 according to Gematsu.

No word on whether these nifty new designs will make it to other regions but with the enormous popularity of the Pokemon games, it would be surprising if it didn’t.

Having said that, which would you choose?

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the walking dead

The Walking Dead Review

The stench of rotting corpses fills the air, alone and separated from your group, fear begins to set in. As you scramble gingerly and take a glance of the inhospitable surroundings, a slight misstep could spell the end. In the distance, the sound of chewing and gnawing is all too familiar. A horde of walkers have claimed yet another life. When will it all end?

Lee Everett, the game’s protagonist is first seen in a patrol vehicle on route to prison. A former university professor, his reputation is now tarnished and battered. What he doesn’t know is that the next few days will make all that pale in comparison. Within minutes, a walker causes the vehicle to swerve and tailspin onto the side of the road, spiraling out of control into a ditch...

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uncharted 2

LGA’s Top Ten PS3 Exclusives

The PS3 is one well rounded console that has seen the introduction of various exclusives, some brilliantly executed productions that put many an action film to shame, a cel-shaded strategy game that is as gorgeous as it is fun to play, to a broken mess of a game that failed to live up to its enormous hype (Lair is that game). Now we get that not everyone will agree with our choices, which has some omissions that may surprise you, and trust us, deciding upon the finalized list was an arduous task in itself. With that out of the way, here is the list:

10. Resistance: Fall of Man (tjsmoke63)

When the PS3 launched in 2006, it didn’t exactly have a host of stand-out titles...

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