2022 Hobonichi Techos go on sale tonight 📝 1101 will take…

2022 Hobonichi Techos go on sale tonight 📝 

1101 will take orders for next year’s set of beloved planners starting tonight at 10PM ET. Some of the Techo covers, like the new Animal Crossing design we’ve featured above, won’t go on sale until tomorrow or the night after (and a few in October), but the Mother / Earthbound covers and others are available immediately, and some are popular enough they’ll sell out.

The $25 “Planner” / A6 Techo model is likely the one you’ll want, as it’s the only version translated to English, so you can enjoy the quotes that grace every dated page. If you’ve bought a Techo before, this year’s release remains mostly unchanged, though it adds new informational sections on Donburi Rice Bowls and Animal Proverbs/Sayings. The Japanese Techo models work if you’re looking for a bigger/smaller footprint, non-dated pages, or other features – I prefer the Avec versions that halve the year into two slimmer books.

While other stockists will sell the 2022 Techos if you don’t want to pay international shipping costs or wild customs fees in certain countries, orders through the official site receive extras like a 3-color Jetstream Ballpoint Pen and.. a spoon?


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