Acquire announces Gladiator X, potentially for PS5

Clan of Champions

Acquire has announced Gladiator X, the latest entry in its Gladiator series. It will launch in 2020 in Japan. Platforms and pricing were not announced.

Gladiator X is an action adventure game set in 16th century Ancient Rome, when Marcus Aurelius was the Roman emperor.

Here are some tidbits from Weekly Famitsu’s interview with Acquire’s Takuma Endo:

  • “Everything has been rebuilt based on the 2010-released Gladiator Begins, and significant volume has been added to the scenario.”
  • “Look forward to a completely new and high-quality game using the Unreal Engine, which we also used for Octopath Traveler.”
  • “We’re looking at global expansion.”
  • “We can work with PlayStation 5 rendering immediately, so if we can get the OK from Sony Interactive Entertainment, then we would also like to release on PlayStation 5.”

The interview seems to give the impression that game’s current hardware is PlayStation 4, but it does not specify. Our source for the magazine leak notes that the screenshots featured in the magazine are certainly high-quality.

Colosseum: Road to Freedom (Gladiator: Road to Freedom in Japan), the first game in the Gladiator series, launched for PlayStation 2 in February 2005. A sequel, Gladiator Begins, launched for PSP in January 2010. The latest available entry, Clan of Champions (Gladiator VS in Japan, artwork pictured above), launched for PlayStation 3 in November 2011 and PC in October 2012.

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