Alli’s Best Games of 2013



Even though practically everyone else has already done their top 10 lists for the year, I’m fashionably late as always!  I now present a list of my top games of the year, and remember, you can’t spell fashionably late, without fashionably !






Why You Should Play It:  It’s a strange game that can manage to out Diablo a Diablo game, but Path of Exile manages to pull it off and more.  With a variety of interesting character classes, an interesting world to explore and gobs and gobs of loot, Path of Exile is an experience to not be missed (and its free !)





Why You Should Play It:  You don’t need to experience much of AC4 to realize why the game made it on a number of Top 10 lists this year.  With a massive world to explore, graphics that beg to be drooled over, an interesting protagonist, ship to ship battles, swashbuckling, a story worth your time and plenty of secrets to uncover, this game is about as close as you can get to becoming an actual pirate (without pulling off a “Captain Phillips”, or contracting scurvy, anyway).





Why You Should Play It:  In a year full of lackluster release titles for new consoles, Resogun stands among one of the best launch titles to be made available in recent memory.  Like many popular games, the overall gameplay is simple, but the underlying lush atmosphere, split second timing, and keep you on the edge of your seat action are anything but.  A worthy addition to any growing PS4 library, Resogun will gladly eat away the hours if you let it.





Why You Should Play It:  It’s never an easy transition, bringing a game from PC to console.  Doing that and actually improving on many of the game mechanics, like the new smart loot system, instant drop in and drop out gameplay, quickly executed attacks and streamlined loot comparisons is almost unheard of.  With hundreds of in game achievements and multiple difficulty levels, character classes, and more loot than you’ll probably ever see in multiple playings, the console version of Diablo III has quickly garnered a large following of fans, as well as earned the distinction of being the definitive version of the game.





Why You Should Play It:  Sure, a game with the name, “Ni No Kuni” might elicit a few snickers and snorts from your friends.  But the joke’s on them, as they’ll be missing one of the most refreshing RPG’s to hit the scene in years.  With its amazing visuals, bold soundtrack, and engaging story, Ni No Kuni is an experience that no one should miss.





Why You Should Play It:  Consider a game that successfully fuses Harvest Moon farming and fishing and resource collecting and crafting, with monster taming and dungeon running and you’ll have Rune Factory 4.  A strange hybrid of styles to be sure, but the game is an engaging one, full of things to do.  The real tragedy may not be in its limited appeal, but the fact that there may not be a Rune Factory 5.





Why You Should Play It:  Boasting eye catching visuals and a terrific origin story for gaming icon Lara Croft, Tomb Raider quickly set itself apart by being one of the year’s early “must play” gaming experiences.  Even though profit-wise it was marked as a failure early on, gamers and critics embraced the game, even ensuring that a next gen version will be forthcoming.  A definite thrill ride, from beginning to end, Tomb Raider is one of the hallmarks of 2013 and not to be missed.





Why You Should Play It:  With a presentation that’s quickly approaching TV quality basketball, NBA2k14 represents the evolution of gaming in basketball to date, with amazing player models,  easy to learn but tough to master gameplay and a variety of different modes, there’s no better way to get your inner baller on than NBA2k14.





Why You Should Play It:  Pokemon X/Y may be the latest entries in a storied franchise, but that makes them no less endearing.  Perfect for beginning Poke-collectors, and seasoned vets alike, Pokemon X/Y takes everything that was great about the previous games and ups the ante with gorgeous 3D visuals and an engaging soundtrack.





Why You Should Play It:  Anyone that knows me probably knows that this was coming.  New Leaf is special, and I don’t mean in that George W Bush “special” kind of way either.  Refined to near perfection on handhelds, New Leaf features hours and hours of collecting and improving and creating your ultimate town.  Befriend neighbors, or tell them to get the heck out, its all up to you.  If charm was measurable in numeric terms, this game would probably be near the tops of many lists this year.  Playing the game is almost a zen like experience, as the hours seem to fly by while you’re calmly fishing or bug catching.  Add in the ability to visit your friends’ towns over the internet and you have a game that’s as deceptively engaging as it is addictive.



Alli has been gaming for years and loves reading, writing and a good RPG.When she's not gaming, she prefers to work on her novel, watch classic game shows, and buy more shoes than any sane person ever needs.


Alli has been gaming for years and loves reading, writing and a good RPG. When she's not gaming, she prefers to work on her novel, watch classic game shows, and buy more shoes than any sane person ever needs.

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