ANNO: Mutationem ChinaJoy 2019 gameplay walkthrough

ANNO: Mutationem

Chinese website A9VG has posted a 26-minute walkthrough of the ANNO: Mutationem demo playable at ChinaJoy 2019 in Shanghai from August 2 to 5 at the PlayStation booth.

ANNO: Mutationem, developed by ThinkingStars, is a PlayStation China Hero Project title and action RPG set in a future metropolis and themed around the fictional “SCP Foundation” project. Players will explore the bustling streets of the metroplis, the abandoned ruins of a former giant city, and more while fighting against creatures like SCP-682. It is in development for PlayStation 4.

If you missed it yesterday, watch the ChinaJoy 2019 trailer here.

Watch the footage below. (Download MP4 here.)

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