Are Arcade Gaming Machines worth every tokens?

The arcades centres has been somewhat slow with the latest arcade gaming machines imported from either Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia or other parts of the world just to get enough people interested in carry their valuable coins to any arcade centres, hoping to have a great time, either with friends, families or even the kindest of strangers.

The simply truth I can provide you guys is that, Games are GAMES!! They’re meant to be played. they just come in different formats and play-styles. Be it home consoles,  portable consoles, PC or Mac, specially-manufactured gaming machines, interactive rooms, domes, stadium etc. It’s better to just have more people poke around with these devilishly-addictive gaming machines that drive you to pour your toekns into their coin slots and play away. Once you start playing them, you can never stop visiting any arcade centres just thinking of the joy that awaits you in your next gaming adventure. It’s a mind set that will nail you all if you it you take it seriously.

Hot Arcade games like the latest “Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX” is booming in every arcade centres with its graphics, awesome soundtrack and challenging gameplay. The best part is, you can save your game progress with your chosen car and hopefully transfer it to the next upcoming Initial D Arcade Stage machine (probably Stage 8 AAY maybe?). though it’s expensive, theses machines are always stuffed with tokens from hardcore gamers who play this game very frequently. Sometimes there’s a competition for it as well.



Besides that there are also other games that have collectible cards inside of each machine, just waiting to be collected as per token inserted. These cards are similar to those trading card games that you play by hand but instead you would use them to scan or swipe them on these gaming machines to use them in game battles against an CPU or another gamer opponent. Arcade games such as “Animal Kaiser”, “Mushi King”, “Dinosaur Kings” and the latest “Heroes of the Robots” all give one card per play to start playing it.

Hero of Robot

There are also music games which have been creating all the hype these days as well. Unlike most arcades games of different genres, Music Arcade games such as “Dance Dance Revolution”, “ParaParaParadise” “DrumMania”, “Pump It Up Fiesta EX” and the latest “Mai Mai” allows you to play a few sets of songs per play and are more focus on player’s concentration and their love for music.


Despite all this, people do see these fabulous time-killers as a waste of money and can only see this as a bad thing. I can only think from their point-of-view that arcades tend to consume more electricity plus each of them need precious maintenance if we gamers are to play them every visit. Hence, there sure are pretty expensive overally to maintain. However though, there are those arcade machine collectors that wouldn’t mind buying or auctioning them off to others as the feel and craftsmanship is appreciated.

To my conclusion, I feel that the more you visit any or every arcade centre in the world bring an opportunity to gaming in adventure. Every new game that comes out will definitely draw in the crowds. If I go to play these gaming beast, then chances are, you will too!!

I may have not mentioned any more but I plan to write up tip and tricks on some of the arcades machines still around. Do leave me a comment on what you think on this topic. Remember, it’s not a dying trend so do try them once in a while or more often.

2 thoughts on “Are Arcade Gaming Machines worth every tokens?

  • March 1, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    Arcade machines have been a big part of the gaming scene, though they faded away slightly. I do miss them. I miss playing TMNT and X-Men, and the such. Arcade machines are awesome.

  • March 4, 2013 at 3:26 AM

    Arcade gaming just isn’t covered enough I’m afraid. You guys should totally compile a list of recommended arcade games. 😉

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