Auction for Nintendo PlayStation Reaches $350,000

Bidding on a Heritage Auctions listing for an incredibly rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype has reached the astronomical sum of $350,000, and will likely only go up from there before the auction closes.

This ill-fated collaboration between Nintendo and Sony is, when broken down simply, a Super Nintendo Entertainment System paired with a CD-ROM drive, manufactured by Sony. The auction ends on March 6, but the current price has already established the item as the most expensive single piece of gaming memorabilia ever sold, blowing out of the water the previous record of $100,105 paid for a sealed first printing of Super Mario Bros. last year. But given the 20% buyer’s premium that Heritage Auctions charges on all items, even if the final bid goes no higher than $350,000, the final price of the console at the end of the auction will be $420,000.

Palmer Luckey, former head of Oculus and and founder of Anduril, has come forward as one of the bidders in this auction. Luckey stated on Twitter that, if he were to win the console, he would preserve it in “the most advanced videogame storage facility ever constructed,” and that he wants to win it in the name of his “quest to digitize and preserve the history of physical videogames.” A worthwhile goal.

We’ll have to wait until early March to learn what the final price of this console will be, and if Luckey will manage to make it part of his video game preservation collection in the end.

Source: Kotaku

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