Black Desert Halloween Update Adds New Tricks and Treats

When the team here at Pearl Abyss thought of Halloween content to include within the world of Black Desert, the phrase that came to mind was ‘Trick or Treat!’ We’re excited to reveal that in today’s free update, players can experience spooky new tricks, encounter scary world bosses, and compete for rewarding treats and items.

Depending on the amount of time spent in Black Desert, you’ll be rewarded with Halloween coins, candy baskets, and cookies. These items can be exchanged for Halloween gift boxes which contain loot that can boost your character’s skills and equipment.

Candy Baskets & Cookies can be exchanged for items including Kzarka’s Sealed Weapon Box, Advice of Valks, Giath’s helmet, and Red Noses’ armor. Halloween coins can be exchanged for items including Fine Accessory Box, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, and Cron Stone.

Halloween is a mischievous time of year, and our GMs have decided to run away with special Golden Bells that are meant to give players an experience boost! Stay tuned for server information announcing when the event will start, but the GM will run from Bartali Farm to the Velia Arena with possession of the Golden Bells. If you can catch and beat them in combat, all servers will be rewarded with an experience boost.

The most infamous Halloween tradition in Black Desert returns today as well, with the return of Isabella the Black Witch. Spawning at a fixed time in-game, adventurers will have to work together to defeat Isabella, since her HP is shared amongst all servers. Those who successfully take down the Black Witch can obtain special items including the Witch’s Bloody Brooch, Halloween Gift Box, Pumpkin Gift Box, Silver and more.

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