Black Sails: Review of the episode “VI.”- Losses and gains


“VI.” proved to be quite an eventful episode, resulting in a few gains offset by some big losses. Billy falling overboard (or did Flint help him?) was by far the most notable among those lost on the Walrus after they got most of the guns from the Andromache. For a moment, it looked like Flint would get away clean, until two members of his crew inadvertently triggered the bomb rigged by Bryson. The resulting fireball gave away their position to the Scarborough, which began shelling the ship as she tried to make her getaway. Prior to Billy falling overboard, Flint was questioning him about Miranda’s letter as they were trying to cut loose a piece of debris that was slowing the Walrus down. So it is curious as to whether Flint helped him fall or not. For now, we’re assuming that Billy is dead, but we weren’t shown any body.

Back in Nassau, Eleanor ends up making the decision to lift the ban on Vane’s crew. This buys her the consortium with the cbs3aptains united under Hornigold, but is obviously distasteful to her. Hammond eggs her on, only making her angrier, since it’s he who has caused Max so much pain by abusing her. Anne Bonny isn’t fond of Hammond either, and she approaches Eleanor for help with a plan. Clara Paget finally got to do a bit more with her role besides standing at Rackham’s side and glowering at any who might cause trouble. The plan also revealed just how ruthless Eleanor herself is, leading Silver to wonder who he needs to fear more- her, or Captain Flint. Silver is coerced into helping with Eleanor and Bonny’s plan to eliminate Hammond and the seven members of Vane’s crew. It was nice to see Max get a bit of justice after all of the abuse she suffered, even if she put herself in that position. Bonny got a lot of satisfaction driving her blade into Hammond’s gut, and seemed to want him gone for reasons other than what he did to Max. She even tells Max “Didn’t do it for you” when Max thanks her. Rackham of course is worried about what Vane will do when he finds what happened to his crew, but Bonny is quite confident Vane won’t be returning.

Mr. Scott took a bit of persuading to aid the other slaves in trying to escape, but in the end he did so in a big way, killing a member of Bryson’s crew and helping to break the chains. The slaves overran the bunker, making it easier for Flint’s crew to come in and mop things up, with Bryson being killed in the process. Flint had a confrontation with Scott, knowing that he betrayed him and Eleanor by allowing Bryson to sail off with the guns. For now, Flint is keeping him alive, and we’ll have to see what happens when they get back to Nassau.

Miranda’s letter causebsd a bit of headaches and a dilemma for Billy as he read the contents. It seems Flint wants to repent for his life as a pirate, and worries about the men killing him once they discover his betrayal. It’s unclear yet as to what that betrayal consists of, or to whom Flint plans on betraying the men to. Billy goes to Gates with what he has found, but Gates says they need to wait to investigate the letter when they return to Nassau. With him trying to secure the Andromache and the Scarborough lurking about, Gates doesn’t want to risk a mutiny. Gates makes it quite clear he supports the captain when he knocks out Logan with a punch after Logan questions Flint’s plan for getting into the Andromache’s hold. With Billy dead (or is he just missing?), it will be interesting to see what Gates does next.

Speaking of Miranda, she and Pastor Lambrick have a bit of an exchange, in both words and sex. You have to wonder what Miranda is up to. Is her seduction of the pastor just a way to get him on her side, since other island inhabitants think she is a witch? Is she planning on using him to betray Flint in some way? Or does she merely want something to hold over the pastor’s head, in case he ever decides to cause her trouble? Her motives weren’t exactly clear, and do seem a bit curious. Not sure where the show’s writers are going to go with this plot line yet, but it feels a bit off. We’ll see if things become clearer down the road.

And then there’s Vane. He’s gone off to some island, where the mystery man from his hallucinations in “IV.” is waiting for him. Perhaps the man was no hallucination after all, but who is he? We know he has something to do with Vane’s past, but don’t know much else. It seems a bit of an ominous meeting, something Vane has to do rather than something he wants to do. Where this will go is to be determined at this point, but it could prove interesting if Vane does return to Nassau and finds out what Bonny and Eleanor did to the remainder of his crew.

“VI.” did moves things forward a bit. It was an episode filled with both gains and losses. Max gained her freedom from bebs4ing an abused sex slave to the remaining crew members of the Ranger. Eleanor gained revenge on Hammond for what he did to Max, as well as solidifying her power in Nassau. Bonny gained a measure of satisfaction in freeing her and Rackham of Hammond and his men. Mr. Scott regained his freedom, at least temporarily. And Flint gained a few more guns, even though the Andromache blew up and denied him the full compliment of weapons. Lives were lost- Hammond and the seven crew members, six members of the crew of the Walrus, the most notable one being Billy, and Captain Bryson and his crew. How things all come together remains to be seen, but the show is moving forward at a nice pace it seems.

The Urca d’Lima still awaits, somewhere out there in the Caribbean. But the Scarborough is also out there, and that can only spell trouble for Flint and his crew.




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