Blue-Winged Chevalier debut trailer

Blue-Winged Chevalier

Experience has released the debut trailer for Blue-Winged Chevalier, its upcoming remake of Students of Round.

Here is an overview of the game, via Japanese retailers:


—868 AD. The final battle between light and darkness in the Demon Castle Dreigohr. The battle between the Demon King Ol-Ohma and the Knights of Round came to a close at the end of the AD chronicle, but it was recorded in extreme brevity.

The defeat of light—.

From then on, the land of Alda was covered in despair. Darkness ate into the land and sea. People driven by madness, hordes of monsters baring fangs. In a world ruled by the Demon King, the peace that once existed was no longer.

—100 years from that day, the knight that had once fallen was given new life and again stood upon the earth.

For an oath made on a day long ago that could not be fulfilled. To guide the “students” that await in this new age. And to defeat the Demon King with the “power of bonds.”

Somewhere in Alda where cold rain pours, the curtain quietly rises on the battle between light and darkness.

The “genuine bonds” with your students are indispensable—.


Deepen your bonds and fly through the sky!

Soar again, 10 years later. Rise again as a knight of light, deepen your bonds with your “student” comrades, and challenge the power of darkness. By adding simulation elements like eating and dialogue to the traditional elements of dungeon RPGs like character creation, dungeon exploration, and item collection, players will experience a dramatic and personal story.

Key Features

  • One Last Traditional Fantasy Dungeon RPG for PS Vita – As Experience’s final title for PS Vita, this remake of the oft-requested Students of the Round leverages the experience we’ve amassed over the past 10 years to create a dungeon RPG that you can enjoy comfortably and to your heart’s content.
  • So Many New Features, You Will Want to Play Again – The character graphics and event CG are newly drawn. A new “Character Creation” feature has been implemented. You can enjoy various customizations based on your play style. On top of that, other elements like the addition of challenging “Trial Quests” and remastered background music are also present.
  • Includes Stranger of Sword City RevisitedStranger of Sword City Revisited, which is set several hundred years after Blue-Winged Chevalier, is included with the game. Enjoy a traditional fantasy dungeon RPG with profound graphics, where you are reborn in another world, at a value to your benefit.

Blue-Winged Chevalier is due out digitally for PS Vita on July 11 in Japan, and physically on July 25.

Watch the trailer below.

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