Bravely Second E-Store Collectors Pack getto (and sold)


Hi, this is andrewcha here. First time joining in the group to post some of the pre-order stuff that I sold. Basically just wanted to share some of the stuff that I got during my peak gaming period (between 2012-2015). That includes some of the Collectors stuff that I owned (or wanted to sell) and some of the product that I get. Eventually you can check out my Facebook group under my affiliate (yeah I know, my group name sucks).

Wanted to test out my trial and error to sell stuff/making pre-order via YouTube. This is the first video of my recent purchase from Square Japan E-store.

If you’re interested to get Collector’s stuff in Japan, I can try my best to cater to your needs. Well, for a limited quantity, of course. More video coming in the future of items to show/sell. So, have a good weekend!

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