Call of Duty: Black Ops 3- Treyarch gets ambitious with the latest sequel

In just a little over a month the next game in the Call of Duty franchise will hit store shelves. Treyarch takes the reins for Activision this time, bringing to gamers Black Ops III, the sequel to the 2012 game Black Ops II. The story for Black Ops III takes place in 2065, 40 years after the events of the previous game. The campaign, which will be playable on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One (sorry, PS3 and Xbox 360 owners- your version will be multiplayer only, though it will also have the Zombies mode), is said to have open arena gameplay to allow players multiple ways to complete objectives. The campaign will support 4 player co-op, and also allows for players to make a customizable soldier (which can be male or female). Take a look at the story trailer below.

The multiplayer is getting its own revamping, introducing a new movement system and a new class system. The class system will feature Specialists, nine different types of soldier with their own set of abilities that players can choose from. The Gunsmith feature allows for weapons customization, and the multiplayer will also have a Camo Designer.

Also returning in Black Ops III is the popular Zombie mode, which will have both multiplayer and story modes, complete with their own XP progression system. The story mode for Zombies is divided into two parts, the first being titled “Shadows of Evil”, which deals with a group of four characters who need to make their way across a zombie infested city under the guidance of the mysterious Shadow Man.

The second story, “The Giant”, features alternate versions of characters that were first introduced in the “Origins” map in Black Ops II. The story continues that begun in “Origins” as the characters try to rewrite history.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III hits store shelves on November 6.

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