Can the New Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite be hacked?

If you plan to buy a Switch Lite or just get a new model of Nintendo Switch and want to hack them for games&homebrews, currently you Can’t crack any of them. These consoles are Not Hackable as the original Nintendo Switch, you can get to know more details here.

Attention: The only device work on Switch Lite is the N2 Elite, just click the image to know more.

crack switch lite by n2 elite

Why New Switch and Switch Lite can’t be cracked?

Any Nintendo Switch bought before July 2018 has a bootrom bug that allows us to run code regardless of the firmware version on the console is 100% Hackable.

However, because of the hardware differences, the new processor called the T210b01 (also known as T214 and Mariko) with a new bootROM used by Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, both exploits déjà vu and fusee-gelee are Not Working on them currently.

So New Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles are Not Hakable for now. Then if you still want to jailbreak your console, I recommend you buying the Switch Lite later and purchase yourself a Unpatched Nintendo Switch unit. Which Nintendo Switch are hackable? Here you can find them.

Hackable and Unhackable Switch Serial Numbers

To check if the Nintendo Switch is hackable or not or avoid to buy a New Switch, you can just find its serial number.  The New Nintendo Switch units with serial number start from XKW or XKJ, which are 100% patched.

This number can be found on the bottom of your Switch adjacent to the USB-C port, or in the Settings applet at System -> Serial Information.

Serial Numbers Unpatched Potentially patched Patched
XAW1 XAW10000000000 to XAW10074000000 XAW10075000000 to XAW10120000000 XAW10120000000 and up
XAW4 XAW40000000000 to XAW40011000000 XAW40011000000 to XAW40012000000 XAW40012000000 and up
XAW7 XAW70000000000 to XAW70017800000 XAW70017800000 to XAW70030000000 XAW40012000000 and up
XAJ1 XAJ10000000000 to XAJ10020000000 XAJ10020000000 to XAJ10030000000 XAJ10030000000 and up
XAJ4 XAJ40000000000 to XAJ40046000000 XAJ40046000000 to XAJ40060000000 XAJ40060000000 and up
XAJ7 XAJ70000000000 to XAJ70040000000 XAJ70040000000 to XAJ70050000000 XAJ70050000000 and up
XKW1 N/A N/A XKW10000000000 and up
XKJ1 N/A N/A XKJ10000000000 and up
XJW1 N/A N/A XJW01000000000 and up
XWW1 N/A N/A XWW01000000000 and up
  • If your serial number is “Unpatched“, it means your Switch can be hacked, you can boot CFWs on it, the best paid CFW is SX OS, the best free CFW is Atmosphere, to run either of them on your console, you need to buy a payload injector OR at least a RCM joycon jig.
  • If your serial number is on this list as “potentially patched”, follow the guide and see if your system works.
  • If your serial number is listed as “Patched“, there is nothing you can do at this time.

Hacking Status of Old Switch, New Switch and Switch Lite

Firmware Version Unpatched Switches (HAC-001) Patched Switches (HAC-001) “New” Switch (HAC-001-01) Switch Lite (HOH-001)
1.0.0 Nereba or RCM N/A N/A N/A
2.0.0 – 3.0.2 Caffeine or RCM N/A N/A N/A
4.0.0 – 4.1.0 Caffeine or RCM Caffeine N/A N/A
5.0.0 – 7.0.0 RCM Wait for CFW N/A N/A
7.0.1 RCM Wait for CFW Unhackable (currently) N/A
8.0.1 – 8.1.0 RCM Unhackable (currently) Unhackable (currently) N/A
>8.1.0 RCM Unhackable (currently) Unhackable (currently) Unhackable (currently)
  • Even for Patched Old Nintendo Switch, the Caffeine works on FW V4.1 to V4.1. And will be supporting V5.0 to V7.0 soon, so if you have them, Don’t update your console to 7.0.1+.
  • On Unpatched Nintendo Switch, All Firmware Versions are be Hackable, include the future updates too.
  • New Nintendo Switch ealiest firmware version is v7.0.1, Switch Lite our-of-box system version maybe >v8.1.0.

When will the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite be Cracked?

No one knows, but the time shouldn’t be very long. The Nintendo Switch is Cracked only after 1 year. We will release the First-hand news here and in our Discord. In fact, there is one hacking-related product can work on the New Nintendo Switch and the All Old Switch consoles.

It emulates, backups and collects All Amiibos for you on Switch. At each time, just download free Amiibo files to it, then you can get 200 Amiibos running on the old&new Switch without paying any of the amiibo figure.

n2 elite cracks switch 8.1.0

It’s the N2 Elite, which is called Amiiqo in the past. It’s an NFC toy emulator currently supporting ALL existing Amiibo figurines, it allows you “emulate”  an Amiibo figure by backing up and restoring the data to its own multi-slot NFC disc. And it also has the ability to hold up to 200 figures data on the disc, means you can store all your figures in the one device. With the most recent update, it even supports Cheats for Amiibos!

You can place backup copies of actual amiibo (Named Amiibo Bins) on it with an Android device equipped with NFC, or the N2 Elite USB reader/writer for PC. In this case, we have need to buy any Amiibo character at all.

  • Support all versions of Nintendo 2DS™, 3DS/3DS™ XL via Nintendo® Amiibo reader (sold separately)
  • Support all versions of Nintendo New 3DS/3DS™ XL consoles
  • Support all versions of Nintendo Wii™ U console
  • Support Nintendo Switch, New Switch.

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