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Confessions of a Street Fighter

Street Fighter is one of the most iconic franchises in the gaming industry. Street Fighter, unlike many other fighting games out there, is represented by warriors around the world. Street Fighter began as an arcade game in 1987. The first Street Fighter was not like what we see today. Instead of several characters, only Ryu and Ken (as a second player, if the player decided to challenge Ryu) are controllable throughout the game. The game is simple as Ryu has to travel to different countries and defeat the warriors in his quest of becoming a master in martial arts. Its appearance in the arcades was followed by releases to the major gaming consoles of the time, including the PC. A couple of years later, Capcom released what was supposed to be a sequel to Street Fighter, Final Fight...

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Are Arcade Gaming Machines worth every tokens?

The arcades centres has been somewhat slow with the latest arcade gaming machines imported from either Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia or other parts of the world just to get enough people interested in carry their valuable coins to any arcade centres, hoping to have a great time, either with friends, families or even the kindest of strangers.

The simply truth I can provide you guys is that, Games are GAMES!! They’re meant to be played. they just come in different formats and play-styles. Be it home consoles,  portable consoles, PC or Mac, specially-manufactured gaming machines, interactive rooms, domes, stadium etc. It’s better to just have more people poke around with these devilishly-addictive gaming machines that drive you to pour your toekns into their coin slots and play away...

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