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Twitch wants ‘complete transparency” on sponsored content


Video platform clarifies its stance on commercial activity for users

Popular video platform Twitch is making the effort to highlight any sponsored or promotional content on its service, including so-called influencer campaigns where popular broadcasters become part of the promotional campaign by playing specific titles.

“Gamers can tend to look skeptically on the ecosystem because they don’t know what is paid-for content and what is not...

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Titan cancellation cost Blizzard $50m or more, say analysts

It’s a painful blow but it’s better than publishing a mediocre game that fails to attract an audience.

When Titan first came to light in 2007, most people assumed it would be Blizzard’s next big thing, ultimately taking the place of World of Warcraft which was likely to see further declines in the years ahead. Fast forward seven years, WoW clearly has been fading (down to 6...

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All Star To My DOTA by Ramona Azween

One of our friends has wrote a song dedicated to DOTA player quite sometime ago (Hoping she’s also wrote a song for our Animal Crossing Malaysia facebook group). The song was nice (at least for me), and I always admire people that wrote their own songs. Enjoy.

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League of Legends 2013 revenue topped $600m


But Riot Games’ debut was not the most lucrative online game last year

A new report from SuperData puts League of Legends’ revenue for 2013 at $624 million.

But Riot Games’ hugely popular debut was not the most lucrative online game of last year. According to SuperData – which generated its list based on micro-transaction sales – that honour belongs to CrossFire, an online shooter from the South Korean developer SmileGate that earned $957 million.

Indeed, the list reinforces just how dominant South Kor...

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Perfect World launches console division


Free-to-play PC specialist to bring new and existing titles to current and next-gen systems

Perfect World Entertainment is getting into the console game. The free-to-play PC publisher behind games like Forsaken World and Star Trek Online today announced that it has created a console division.

“We are looking at this medium to better connect with gamers,” said Andrew Brown, Perfect World’s general manager of publishing...

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Copyright crackdown, as thousands of game videos are yanked from YouTube


Player-created videos on YouTube have been subject to copyright crackdowns in the past, but not on the scale we’ve seen lately.

YouTubers this week are pointing to what appears to be the largest crackdown to date, with reports of thousands of videos being flagged over the last few days for alleged copyright violations.

The copyright claims revolve around YouTube’s Content ID system, which copyright holders can use to automatically identify videos that include their own material...

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Snowden papers allege NSA/GCHQ embedded in WoW, XBL


Agencies monitor individuals, recruit players and record conversations

An extensive report by the Guardian has claimed that there is evidence that both GCHQ and the NSA are involved in heavy monitoring of online games and networks, including World of Warcraft and Xbox Live.

The piece, which cites unreleased information which came as part of the secret dossiers obtained and leaked to the paper by Edward Snowden, says that the agencies have collaborated heavily on information gathering processes which have target...

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My top 10 games of the year- zafrisan85

The time of the year has come where all games compete to gain the ultimate title, namely Game of the Year. In conjunction with VGX, formerly known as VGA, I and the rest of our writers at Leetgamers are also picking our favorite games of the year. Other than the release of next gen consoles, 2013 also can be said as the greatest year for gaming, as there are not just one or two games that can compete for the prestigious award, but many titles that could claim top prize...

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BlizzCon Day One Recap: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls


Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first: Diablo III looks good on PS4.  The PS4 version runs at 1080p and 60FPS or better throughout, as confirmed by Production Director John Hight when I spoke with him on the show floor. Everything looks tack-sharp, and plenty of extra bits have been added or tweaked in Diablo III’s PS4 version. Just wait ’til you see the glow of a freshly dropped health globe reflected in a pool of stagnant water.

Diablo III’s DualShock 4 controls are still being tweaked and ...

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BlizzCon Recap Day One: Warlords of Draenor


Blizzcon 2013 Opening Ceremony Announcement Recap

  • New World of Warcraft expansion is the Warlords of Draenor.
  • “When you think about all that history, all that context, a really interesting question comes to mind… What if those dark days could come again? What if a pantheon of the most vicious villains of Warcraft could threaten our homes, our ways of life again?”
  • “The conflict to come will be the alliance’s finest hour”
  • Horde “A chance to redefine yourselves in this brave new world”
  • “There wil...
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