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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be released April 10, 2015 for North America and Europe and will be exclusive to the New Nintendo 3DS and New 3DS XL. The eShop version of this game will be 3.6GB in size (digital copy), so if you bought the New Nintendo 3DS XL and haven’t upgrade the stock 4GB MicroSD card, a physical copy is the best choice. Many RPG fans already have an eye on this game, including myself. It might bring back the glory of the great Final Fantasy era, but on portable.

Enjoy the 7 minutes of the gamepla...

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The Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask 3D: Now available for 3DS owners

One of the high points in gaming from the Nintendo 64 era, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask game now has been remastered and released for the Nintendo 3DS. It is now available in local gaming stores and also in the 3DS eShop.

With the New 3DS XL going to be released soon for North America and Canada, this game will be supporting the new C-Stick exclusive feature in the New 3DS XL. Nintendo also going to release the limited edition theme of the New 3DS XL for this game, called the Majora’s Mask Edition...

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zombie panic DX

Zombie Panic in Wonderland DX for 3DS

Sometimes ago I posted a trailer of this game, and now they are already released (Oct 31 2014). The DX version released was exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and available in the eShop for $6.00. The game is completely renewed from the Nintendo Wiiware version, so do expect extra stuff like stages, enemies and extended story.


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The First 51 Minutes of One Piece Unlimited World Red 3DS Version

This game available today for Europe region and July 8th for North America region. The game looks good with Luffy and his friends fighting their way in the New World. One Piece hardcore fans should get this game.

Enjoy the video below:

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Fantasy Life coming to US in October 2014

Announced in the last E3 Digital Conference, another Nintendo decent RPG game coming to US this October. With different classes of characters with different abilities, colorful enemies, this game will grind away your time.

Enjoy the trailer below.

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Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Trailer

A live-action series based on Capcom popular fighting game is coming, and it may blow you away when it premieres on May 23th, 2014. The story tells the origins of Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Gōken, from the Capcom Street Fighter game.

Enjoy their first trailer.

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Pokemon Omega Ruby And Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Sneak Peek Footage

Recently it was announced that two remakes of older Pokemon games are going to be released this November. Pokemon Omega Ruby And Pokemon Alpha Sapphire are coming to the Nintendo 3DS, exciting every Pokemon trainer out there, including many of our writers (me too!). But, I would still prefer a remake of Pokemon Emerald. Hopefully they will consider remaking the Emerald version down the line.

Anyway, for now, enjoy some sneak peek footage of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire below.

Stay tuned for more details as we ge...

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Mario Kart 8 All Tracks

The upcoming Mario Kart 8 for the Nintendo Wii U will be released on May 30, 2014, and will have 32 racing tracks, including the improved rainbow road. A bit sad this game was exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U, and no release for the Nintendo 3DS family.

Anyway, enjoy the video below for the gameplay of all 32 tracks in the game.

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All Star To My DOTA by Ramona Azween

One of our friends has wrote a song dedicated to DOTA player quite sometime ago (Hoping she’s also wrote a song for our Animal Crossing Malaysia facebook group). The song was nice (at least for me), and I always admire people that wrote their own songs. Enjoy.

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Tomodachi Life coming to US and EU by June 2014

Tomodachi Life for the Nintendo 3DS system will come to both US and EU regions on June 6, 2014. The Sim fans may love or hate this game, but knowing Nintendo, this should be interesting. Enjoy the video.

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