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Confessions of a Journey With the Dying and the Dead

At first, all I was going to do was tell of my time playing Dark Souls 2 but then, out of nowhere, I went to play the first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. There’ll be more on that later, but first: my time with Dark Souls 2. First of all, let me say that I am easily persuaded by others to jump on the hype train. Sometimes this is worth following, sometimes not. But in this case, I found the journey to be worth the time, so off I went to Drangleic, the world of Dark Souls 2, despite the fact that some hardcore players of the Souls series say that Dark Souls 2 is the easiest among the trio. Without having played either 2452864-thepursuerDemon’s Souls or Dark Souls, I am in no position to say otherwise. The main reasons I am attracted to such games is the lore and how the story is told...

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Confessions of the Monobeasts

Monokuma has returned. After seven months, NIS America has published yet another Spike Chunsoft game which involves mysteries and murder. Yes, there’s only one game that players can shoot clues to argue with the statements, arrange each letter to make a word, has a rhythm game, and of course players need to collect their thoughts on how each murder happened. It’s a sequel to what I is feel is among the good, if not the best, games of 2014, Danganronpa.

Danganronpa 2 : Goodbye Despair starts off just as the previous Danganronpa : Trigger Happy Havoc but instead of being trapped inside a school, the group of sixteen students are now trapped on an island, using a trip as a cover. Everything seems fine under Usami, the rabbit mascot that is opposed to Monokuma, the villain of previous game...

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Confessions of a Rieze Maxian

Tales of Xillia was a great game from the ‘Tales of …’ series last year on  PlayStation 3. The story was seamlessly told from the points of view of  two characters, Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell. Now, one year later, the worlds of Rieze Maxia and Elympios continue their story in Tales of Xillia 2. Would it exceed its predecessor, or just fall flat like many sequels?

In ToX2, players control a mostly silent protagonist in Ludger Kresnik. No two points of view here, just that of Ludger and another non-playable newcomer Elle. The game has pretty much the same battle mechanic as the previous installment, though there are some changes. Allium Orbs replace the Lillium Orbs, and they work a bit differently...

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Confessions of a Returner

It’s nice to come back, isn’t it? After a long hiatus, I’ve decided to write again (if I have the time). Honestly, I ran out of ideas as what was to be written in my post. Maybe because I’m burnt out. But then again, since one of my co-worker handed in her resignation letter, I’ve been constantly busy filling her role in the company.

One of the last games I played was Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. To me, it is a nice game, but it has been tainted by its previous two installments as well as some gamers hateful feeling toward the protagonist of the Final Fantasy XIII saga. dr35I guess not everything is fine in this industry. While some will love certain games, there’s a small (or rather big in this case) chance someone will hate them...

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Confessions of the Ultimate Student

Imagine that you’re accepted into the country’s number 1 school but then you can’t leave the school ever because the headmaster won’t let you. You can only leave the school once you kill someone, while every other pupil knows nothing of what you’re doing or you stay in the school until you’re dead. This what happens in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc offers a fascinating look at the human condition, expertly delving into the machinations that would cause some to travel down an immoral path. Sure, killing my friends has never entered my mind, but everyone has a breaking point.

From Spike Chunsoft, at first the game has a similar vibe to the Zero Escape series, where we had to escape the facility and somehow deal with the Prisoner’s Dilemma, but ...

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Confessions of a Strong Female

You have to admit, women are the best thing that can happen in a man’s life. But what of the women in video games? Call me a freak for liking them, but I do like a strong woman, or in the case of Ada Wong (Resident Evil series), a mysterious woman (though that feeling faded when Resident Evil 6 was released). Not because of her being remodeled, but something seemed amiss with her appearance in the game. I wonder if  it might have been how Capcom managed to mess with Ada’s characterization.

Speaking of Resident Evil, I first fell in love with Jill Valentine in Resident Evil: Nemesis. Illogical fashion choice aside, Capcom really made Jill as sexy as possible. Of course, that is when I’m still a kid, not yet knowing the definition of strong women, so I attracted by her sex appeal...

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Confessions of Stormy Weather II- Full game review for Lightning Returns

After years of waiting, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII makes it to North America/Europe and marks the conclusion of the Lightning Saga trilogy. Does Lightning make her triumphant return to the franchise, lifting it up to its former glory? Or does the game crash and burn, ending one of the more divisive series in the franchise with a whimper rather than a bang?

Lightning Returns is the successor of two previous games: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2. In Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning and her party members tried to save the world of Cocoon, which resulted in both the characters of Fang and Vanille becoming crystallized. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning, instead of becoming the main character once again, is downgraded to the supporting cast in favor of Serah and Noel...

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Confessions of a Brick

Imagination is the most powerful thing a mind can possess. Ever wonder what would happen if you as a child played with your toys, and then as you grew into an adult you kept those toys on display and away from your children, only to have those children manage to play your collection? The answer may be best left to your kid’s wild imagination, and this thought forms the basis of what could happen in LEGO: The Movie.

The story opens with Lord Business (Will Farrell) battling it out with a character named Vitruvius (voiced by Morgan Freeman) in order to gain possession of kragle. After the battle end, Vitruvius states that there will be someone who will come along and find  “the last piece” and thus bring to an end Lord Business’ reign...

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Confessions of an Escapist

One of my reasons to buy games is in the hope that the game challenges my mind. One such game was Catherine. The story for the game was a little bit explicit for younger gamers, but I enjoyed the gameplay and would say that the escape-the-room genre is on my list of challenging games to tackle. The escape genre seems to be overlooked nowadays. Chunsoft tried and successfully revived the genre by making 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors for Nintendo DS (Or better known as Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors). In late 2012, Aksys Games, the publisher of said game, released the sequel for the game dubbed as Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.

In Virtue’s Last Reward there are two sections of the game: a novel section and an escape portion...

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Confessions of a Trophy Hunter

Given that the PlayStation 4 already released months ago, the PlayStation 3 has a plethora of games that won’t leave our minds that easily, especially for a trophy hunter, who tries to platinum each game that’s been bought. As for me, I only have 6 (One of those is Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward (PSV)) games that I’ve achieved the platinum trophy out of an otherwise big, if not huge, library of games. Here are my platinum games:

Heavy Rain
My first platinum. Doing the platinum run for Heavy Rain was quite fun, as I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I’ve thought of obtaining platinum for Beyond: Two Souls because of the same direction it takes as Heavy Rain, but I find the story dragged in spots, particularly the part where Jodie lives for a bit with a Navajo family...

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