Coffee Talk Wants You to Lend a Friendly Ear on PS4 Later This Month

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Most games these days are violent affairs with death and destruction at their core. And that’s fine if that’s your kind of thing, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the headshots and mutilations. That’s what Toge Productions is aiming for with the release of its upcoming visual novel Coffee Talk.

Coffee Talk takes place in an alternative version of Seattle where you play the role of a friendly barista serving up lively warm drinks to customers who want to unload their problems on a friendly ear. It might sound rather regular, but the people you’ll meet are anything but. You’ll hear the story of an elve’s love life and an alien’s difficulty understanding how us mere humans manage to go through our pitiful existence. Sounds lovely.

“This game plays like the warm drinks served within it: warm, mellow, and comforting.” said Shintaro Kanaoya, Founder of Chorus Worldwide. “It’s rewarding to listen to the stories of the varied clientele and offering them up their favourite drinks when asked (and you feel bad when you get their order wrong). Just as the coffee shop in the game is a peaceful place for its customers to rest and unwind, Toge Productions have masterfully created a little oasis of a game for players of all ages to take a breath and relax.”

“After a stressful day, we just want to play something relaxing that’s not stressful or violent, sadly there aren’t many of them,” said Kris Antoni, Founder of Toge Productions, “So, we decided to make one where people can chill, relax, and craft latte-art.”

Coffee Talk will release on January 30th, 2020 for PS4.

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