Confession of A Bayonet

Time to review more classic and in this case, my first purchased game for PS3 console, Bayonetta. Just hear the title intro feel this is one of Capcom games (Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry series). I kind of doing some research before buying them and its no surprise that Bayonetta take a lot of elements from Devil May Cry series as most of the staff behind Platinum Games is in fact consist of a number of former Capcom (or Devil May Cry, I assume) members. Years later, they also developed Vanquish and more recently Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which in turn influenced by Bayonetta (especially the QTE segments).

I am a bi…. I mean a witch…. That trophy makes my day.

At first when I first control Bayonetta, the attack is similarly like Dante, for instance Ebony and Ivory and Hand-to-Hand Combat (Rebellion) but then the combat system is far smoother & faster than that in Devil May Cry, suitable the tagline of the game, Non-Stop Climax Action. What I like the most in the Bayonetta series is the Torture Attack which of course, uses magic but unlike any magic attack in games, the damage can be dealt based on how fast you push a button/rotate an analog stick. The attack sometimes become extravagant the faster you fill the power needed. Another attack that I would like to used is Witch Time. This attack can be initiate by many ways but depending on how you activate them, the duration for the slow time is longer. Boss battles in Bayonetta is somewhat rekindles of God Of War and what special about them are  the whole chapter is focusing on the batlle alone, no hassle of facing them minions en route to the bosses for example.

Bayonetta scene with Cereza sometimes are fun.

The combat of Bayonetta are easy to learn but they are hard to master especially in higher difficulty mode where certain ability are disabled. In game references to other classic game are welcomed such as in one stage where it just look like a space shooter games. But worry not because of the nature of the game will make any players forget the flaws in Bayonetta. After you completed a campaign, try them on harder difficulty. Unlike on many hack n’ slash games, they only focused on enemy delivered a high damge and the character you control inflict a tiny damage while in Bayonetta, the enemies placement does make you head spin.

Her ridiculous attacks are the main selling point for me. Minus if the game are crappy.

As I mention before, Bayonetta development influenced a lot by Devil May Cry but that doesn’t mean Bayonetta do not try an originality out of it. PG make it remarkably good and absolutely this was a game that won’t be forgotten in years to come.


A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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  • April 23, 2013 at 2:17 PM

    Bayonetta sure set the bar high when it comes down to building an intuitive and rewarding combat system. Its sequel can’t come soon enough!

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