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I am no huge fan of the fighting genre, though you could say I have some love for games like Street Fighter or Tekken, but not many more titles than that. But girls in a fighting game? Dominated by a male fighter? Now that’s a game myself and (probably)  most male gamers don’t want to  miss. It was then that I realized that Dead Or Alive 5 is more than eye candy. Dead or Alive, or DOA, shows that even you aren’t a genius at figuring out the mechanics, you can still be a fighter by smashing buttons to achieve victory. That is, at least, if you don’t face real pro players. I missed the first version of DOA5, even though I had been thinking about purchasing it. A few months later, DOA5 + came out for the PlayStation Vita, which again made me think about purchasing the game. I ended up buying DOA5 + digitally a few days before the announcement of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, but I think is the better investment because, as it turns out,  I am the only one I knew who played this game at all. Well, enough of the chit-chat, let’s move on to my review of Dead or Alive 5 +.

I see why Kasumi is #1 characters for most people. Other than sex appeal, Kasumi is good for gamer new to DOA as she was fast in combo.


184902_497085150327805_1859526645_nAs you might probably know by what I said earlier, I’m not a monster in the fighting genre. I’m not good at doing combos that require fast button combinations. But after practicing, players won’t feel that combo is that essential, at least in normal difficulty mode. All that’s needed is to keep up your fast attacks against the opponent, and don’t give the AI any chance at retaliation if a punch or kick misses. If you don’t, expect that the AI will topple you with some humongous combination attacks. Basically, I don’t love online multiplayer that much because of slow internet connections, but with fighting games I am eager to play online because I want to see what I can do against real players. But, disappointingly, online is unavailable because of those slow connections.

You don’t want to mess with a chick of Russian accent… is it?

Even by fighting game standards, the story mode is completely nonsense. The story is split into two parts, the search for Alpha-152 and the DOA tournament itself. A catalyst and her assistant were made to connect the two parts. It’s really not that bad, as the story gave you a way to play most of the characters. Injustice is a good example of a fighting game that handles this sort of scenario better. The tutorial section teaches players about everything from basic stuff like punching to more advanced combos that can gives you an opportunity for a perfect fight without losing an inch of health. Its versus mode is divided into four parts: Simple Versus Mode, Survival Mode, Arcade Mode, and Time Trial Mode. Each of them were divided into several difficulty levels, the highest of which is guaranteed to give players a hard time. A new addition to DOA 5+ is a touch fight where players go into battle against an AI opponent in a first person mode. The controls, however, seemed to be buggy, though I will confess that I didn’t bother to read the manual.

Akira though was a b**** because I will never get a groove at his annoying combo. I really depend on luck to beat him.

The roster of DOA 5+ is really balanced well, except for two guest characters, especially Akira. I can’t figure how to beat him. I can’t really deliver fast enough punches or kicks,  and once he lands his punch, it’s followed by a series of combos. Others also delivered deadly combos but it seemed that with him, the combos went on eternally. So, to summarize, I really if this AI appeared, especially in the later stages.Another group I really hated is what I like to called trio of wuss: Gen Fu (Master of Kung Fu? Master of wuss, I say), Brad Wong, and Elliot. It’s no wonder that these three are a wuss, because their master is the father of wuss. All he does is duck, like a coward. Anyway, the roster varies from grappler to fist master of hand-to-hand combat. There is also a spectator mode where players can watch other people play, but for the time being, I can’t seem to access them. Anyway, apart from using sex as a selling point in Dead or Alive 5, this game is for both newbies in fighting genre and pros alike. DOA 5+ is easy to learn, but it’s certainly hard to master, which suits its tagline.

P/S: I never realized that Team Ninja actually remodeled their girl after the release of original demo.


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A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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