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In my opinion, this is what I can say on the recent E3 conference- Sony totally crashed the party. I mean, I’m not bashing X-box, but Sony totally goes in the opposite way from Microsoft,  and that is clearly a celebration for gamers. The 24/7 always online authentication? PS4 won’t need that. Mandatory installation? Well, of course not. The price? It’s 100 dollar cheaper than the X-box One, though that’s without the additional peripherals but those are optional, compared to the embedded Kinect 2.0 with the X-Box One. But what counts as the ultimate insult to Microsoft is the fact that Sony posted the “tutorial video” on how gamers could share games. Definitely, this is a big debacle, especially if you watch the YouTube X-Box One rant (for me the AngryJoeShow and AlphaOmegaSin, but lately SilentRob expressed his feeling on X-Box as well). There are those who actually defended them, and, of course those who are on either side of the exclusives that are offered. Let’s take a look at Sony’s side first, shall we?

I guess Sony should put this as well on their videos

Well to me, Sony’s E3 conference started slowly, announcing games for the Vita first. I missed what games were announced, but sadly there was no Final Fantasy X-X-2 announcement, which I was looking forward to hearing. I suppose I completely missed them.  And then Square-Enix came on, and announced Final Fantasy XV, which was formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. But what really surprised me was when Nomura-san announced that Kingdom Hearts III is in development. That alone really made my day. The crowd really cheered Sony when Jack Trenton announced the used game policy and that no mandatory authentication was needed in order to experience PlayStation 4. I, most gamers I suppose, agree when he said that they(Sony) believe that when gamers buy something, they are entitled use the products as we, the consumers, wish. The consumers have the right to decide whether or not we want to let our friends share our games, and share them for as long as they want,  not with a 30 days restriction like the one imposed by Microsoft.

Hideo Kojima switches camp? It is impossible.

I mean, it’s good to let another share your game,  but what if the borrower finds they don’t have the time they thought they would have? After all, things do come up, and one has to wonder if limiting the loan period 30 days is enough time for your friend to get to the game. Anyway, this is my opinion, no more than that. Another thing, the Xbox One must be online at all times. For example, I’m interested in playing the 2013 version of SimCity, but when I found that it requires a constant internet connection, I lost my appetite to play it. Maybe I wouldn’t want to play the game daily. X-Box came on next. I can’t say that I watched the conference, but from what I’ve heard, they were weak in terms of their presentation. I can say that the highlight of their presentation was the showing of Metal Gear Solid V. Compared to the last presentation, this was more focused on games, rather than being a home entertainment system. I guess I can understand why Microsoft focused more on entertainment with their machine if  the reports are true that X-Box 360 consumers use their consoles a lot more on apps rather than gaming experiences. One thing that really got my attention was Quantum Break. It was said that for every action you take, it will influence the live-action series which is bundled with the game. I know this sounds like Defiance but the difference is that Defiance actually has to wait, possibly for several campaigns, but the Quantum Break TV series has direct consequences from the campaign you’ve played. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I’ll most likely just watch it on YouTube, as I won’t getting the X-Box One.

This is the box? Feels so empty

Like I said, Kingdom Hearts III really caught me off guard. Disney has been said that the worlds included in KH3 are world we might not expect. Perhaps we’ll get to play in worlds based on the Marvel or Star Wars properties. That would be nice, but I think Disney really just wants to include cartoons in them. Anyway, I think we can expect that Lightning will be there. I expect that Light will team up with Sora, or maybe  duel with Cloud/Squall? Anyway, I shall await my PS 4 when the Final Fantasy XV bundle for the PlayStation 4 is set to arrive. The PS4 controller is ugly, though. That I can’t defend.

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A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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