Confession of an Immigration Officer

Do you ever wonder how life as an immigration officer would be? Would you want to be one? Then look no farther than Papers, please, a new game that gives you the opportunity to control a border checkpoint. Papers, please is the creation of indie game developer Lucas Pope, which has you playing as an officer who needs to decide which immigrant you should let go, or which you shouldn’t. The game, as simple as it is, was developed using an open-source software such as the Haxe programming language. When playing it for the first time, the creativeness of the game flow hooks you, and can keep you playing the game for a long, long time.

Arstot………. Is it ars…….

At first, the game seems easy enough, but it gets harder in later stages as player have to adhere to the rules in order for them to allow the immigrants to cross the border or not. The first two mistakes players bring a warning ticket, complete with an explanation of what’s wrong with the immigrant’s passport. After that, each mistake will incur a penalty. It is essential to check as many immigrants as possible because as the night comes, the officer then has to manage his family, along with such daily requirements such as buying food, providing heat, and settling the house’s rental cost.

The game interface is good. Given that it is developed by open-source software

The game, however, has no game over screen (even if the player fails every time). To keep things interesting, there are some missions the player can be do that allows some visitors to cross the border. Be warned though, doing certain actions have consequences that will determine what endings players will get. Players can choose either to be a good officer or a corrupt immigrant officer who may destroy the country and accept bribes from certain people. Although the puzzles become harder, there are some tools you can work with to catch criminals or help players to detect any discrepancies on the paper.

Management plays an important part in your daily lives

Given that Papers, please has a lot of endings, there are checkpoints made to ensure player can undo their mistakes on that day. The checkpoints will overlap each other, which can be confusing to the players and can create a messy interface. Overall this is a good game to be enjoyed, but players with a minimal amount of patience may find themselves annoyed with the game. Those looking for a different unique experience may find this rewarding, as it is one of the more unique indie titles to be released this year.





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A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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