Confession of Hollow Child

Malfunction robots are practically bad to human that it needed a shot through its head to terminate them but where is the fun in that when you can shoot them even after the robots losses their legs, hands or head for that matter. Them robots crave a total destruction instinct from you and maybe sometimes, you feel bad about destroying them. I decided to bought this game after seeing how the game shows its gimmick and of course, after played the demo. This is Binary Domain.

We are awesome…

From the team behind Yakuza series, they develop a good Third Person Shooter. While they could have been better, they are on term with Platinum Game’s Third Person Shooter, Vanquish. If not for the Sega label on the case, I’m already mistaken this game is developed by PG. The story takes place 2080 Japan that seemingly advanced in robot technology but that same technology allegedly stole by U.S scientist by the name of Bergen. Until one day a robot who looked like a normal human at first, attack the company. Bergen by default, accused Amada who created them, called as Hollow Children. Its up to U.S, Britain, and China Forces to recover the evidence of Amada involvement and put a stop to the attack.

Huge spider are common to this city

The game is like standard TPS where usage of cover is definitely a basic rule in order to survive but what make it different than normal is Trust System. Depend on what action you takes or what your reply to your comrades. They may or may not cover you in the combat. They may ask for your help and if you succeed in doing such task, you’ve gained trust to that AI and vice-versa will happen if you fail to follow their order. Even if you chicken out from the battlefield, you get scold by the members of your active party and thus, lowering the trust between you and said member. In a way, the game difficulty is somewhat lowered if you manage to gain trust among your squad as you can give order and they, without question, easily obey you. That being said however, some section is sometime hard or even cheap. Depend on your trust level with everyone, you can get several advantage or disadvantages in the final battle and possibly extra ending. The enemy AI, help by the aggressiveness, at the same time was great and cheap to the fact that you will definitely fired all of the ammo and circle around the room until you find a weapon to decimate them. But then again what made this game easier is the fact that when you headshot enemy AI, they in turn will help you, so I have no qualms against it.

While I’m human, I’m pretending that I am not a robot

All I can say it is worth to played Binary Domain. Not that it is a great game but it is definitely better than Gung-Ho Resident Evil 6 when I’m thinking it all over again.


A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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  • May 17, 2013 at 3:07 PM

    Didn’t know the Yakuza guys made this game, looks pretty decent

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