Confession of Rave Master

In my younger time, I spent most of time watching anime, if not playing PC games or browse the internet. Thanks to certain cable provider that is. I would say that I watched too many anime that I lost count which anime I watched until the final episode. I feel sad that one of the anime show called Groove Adventure: Rave Master or Rave, was incomplete so I never knew what the ending will be until I enrolled in a college. It’s all thanks to my long lost friend that rekindled my spirit to see the ending of  good, if not a great anime by brought a Rave manga with him. So I borrowed from him but still I never knew the ending.

Haru and Ellie…. and Plue

First time when I saw the anime, I was excited by its first episode. By the episode of Ellie’s introduction, I can felt it that this will be one of the greatest anime I watched at that time. Of course I waited each episode day by day. I think I never miss an episodes. Although X-Play, another favorite of mine was airing at the same time as Rave, I rather to missed X-Play daily. But when the series would meet into premature ends without knowing what truly happened, I keep waiting and waiting days after another. At that time my thought was maybe there will be gap between 1st season and 2nd season but that thought finally ends in failure for it would meet a premature ends because Rave wasn’t getting any viewers in Japan.

What I confused is how one broken sword later become two. It do only happens in anime/manga folks.

The shows start off with a warrior that was task to eliminate the dark forces called the Dark Bring which at first look like he was succeed but after years later, DB threats rise again through Demon Card. A boy who then lived with her sister then found the sword, an animal (Ellie presume it is a dog) along with. Once the island were threaten by one of Demon Card member, the boy was tasked to save the world from DB. Along the boy’s adventure, he would met ally and foe alike. For the 50 episode though, I thought the show were decent especially in the episode of where we get introduced to Sieghart and Reina, a couple of baddies and Resha Valentine, which looks like Ellie. I think the episode where Sieghart tortured Ellie just because she is said to have an Etherion with her was phenomenal. At that time I think it was weird as while being a DC members, Sieghart doesn’t have any DB with him. But that will be unfold on that very arc I think. The same can be said to Let.

Sieghart’s death was… emotional to say at least.

Anyway years later after the show end, I did try to seek to where to read a Manga version of Rave until I found the sources from my friend. Because the manga already ended. I read the manga daily and I remember I cried once it unfold who was guarding Resha’s grave in Symphonia and I guess the drawing make me cried just like Ellie’s cry. I also cried at the ending I guess because of what happened in the post-battle although I could’ve see it coming. I would recommend this Manga as it would deliver a satisfying ending especially to who like this genre very much. This is also the anime where I see a group of villain, not just in this anime, is likable if doing it right. Oracion Seis for life.

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