Confession of Rebooting

So far, the current games are well praised. Some thanks to the innovative/creative of the gameplay and other for perfect retelling of the series such as Tomb Raider and of course, some might says Devil May Cry. As you know, I haven’t touch the game just yet because I believe 2013 Devil May Cry, or DmC (the car, hehehe), has lost its identity. This judgement I throw to them solely based on the demo I played week before DmC release. Then again, Final Fantasy also lost its identity with thirteenth installment but it managed to excite me unlike DmC. I really hope for Dante May Cry (excuse for the pun).



Some says reboot is counter-productive to the game industries.

Seeing just two of the franchises getting reboot, I wonder to myself what games worth to getting a reboot. I for one desperately want to see Devil May Cry series get rebooted again after DmC. I’m sorry even with a great gameplay, I really can’t really bring myself to like current DmC. I just can’t accept them. I guess this would be fair because the majority is against with Final Fantasy 13 (and possibly its sub-series). Better I leave it before I go mad about defending the series. Tomb Raider in other hand, was great before and still great after its imminent reboot. I think the reboot for the series is a good move as for now we are getting used the mechanism and gameplay of Uncharted series. While Uncharted inspired from Tomb Raider and vice versa, each of them had its strong point.

Jill Valentine is the one of the reason I getting Resident Evil and once Capcom decided to port Revelation, I’m in.

But sometime, like a majority of film remakes, games also likely to face the same fate. This is true if the game is a complete overhaul change or a complete different company took charge to develop them. For instance, Front Mission Evolved. I truly considered it as a reboot, unsuccessful one if you ask me. I felt that FM:E was the sole reason the Front Mission franchise stopped. Well, there go one of the favorite series ever. For one I know Resident Evil series is in danger to extinction. Resident Evil for one is getting weaker and weaker started with 5, I do agree that 6 is easy as I, let my ally shoot once I ran of bullet because I know they won’t ran out of ammo or just run to the goal. Of course to fix this, Capcom want to set the record straight by coming back to what makes RE the best by releasing Revelation (or Revelaiton). Although it may considered as non-canon at best, this was a good step from Capcom.

Although I like what SE trying to do. I do hope that SE get rid of bad influence.

Speaking of how good the step taken, I do feel that Square-Enix for one, should rebooted themselves. Of course, this is unnecessary if they decide to only publish the game. I think SE, no any company doing their best to fix their own mess but it just us, as a gamer get impatient when they making a mistakes. To take a famous quote, “Everybody entitled to their own opinion but everybody not entitled to a fact” (or something along that line). What do you feel about reboot? What games you want to be rebooted? Just comment to this post and I would like to hear your opinion about how should reboot work or I am wrong to deliver unfair treatment to DmC.


A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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