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God of War franchise first hit on PS2 consoles which I find it was an innovative game or I might say a huge step in hack n’ slash games. Since I finished them, I wait for more installment and of course, GOW 2 came later and it keeps impressed me with its epic soundtrack and so on. Because I didn’t own a PSP, I never played then two of PSP-exclusived GOW. But even with the transition to handheld, once again it never fail to impressed a long time GOW fans. The series seems to ended in GOW 3 but did it end like that after what we saw in the post credit?

Start with chained Kratos which is is good but then….. it get worse.

Then Santa Monica decided to make the prequel to the already made as prequel, the Chain of Olympus which at first didn’t bothered me at all. The gameplay are still the same as previous series but then, a lot of the material there offered me nothing but disappointing and sometime, frustrating moment. First the audio seems to be toned down. I don’t remember if I supposed to hear the sound effect of Kratos’s chain when attack but I did heard them louder than the background music which still epic as it was in its predecessors, I guess so. The platforms segment was too repetitive in a level or rather a chapter and I find the Boss in this games, no let me repeat that again, the whole enemies in this games is a little cheap minion. Guess the enemy in GOW 3 is harder and I can live with that but certainly I can’t accept how the A.I was programmed in this games. The final boss is a cheese compared to any previous final boss. But my biggest gripe was, as I am sure anyone would agree, the camera angle on certain battle. What were they thinking? Surely I am with Superman ability to saw what Kratos do while the camera is zooming out. Don’t get me start on how parry works in this game. It was a total absurd.

Yes… I do want more sliding in God of War instead of hack n’ slash action. Annoying at its best

What I can praised about this game is the weapon system which instead of obtaining a different weapons from different bosses, you gain 4 elements for your chain; fire, ice, light and dark. Each of elements can be upgraded but what I am confused with is that why you can upgrade a chain which can gives you abilities and also while you upgrade an element, you also gain a set of abilities. This can get very confusing as you can only use four elements chain, not the non-element chain or do I miss something here? Another gripe is that why once we unlocked Fire element, we automatically gain magic for the element but for the other element such as light, we have to unlock them first to able to use it? Thankfully I able to upgraded all of the elements/sub-ability thanks to the chests, The health/magic bar easily can be max out before you reach into the last [email protected] chapters even when you miss some of Gorgon-Eye/Phoenix Feather chests.

Only its environmental is astounding as ever.

I can’t comment on the dreaded trial offered in this game because I get them patched but I don’t remember being asked to download a patch other than the first day and second day patch but even it is hard, just dodging them and use a lot of magic/ sub-ability would help. I guess I am on patched version of the trial since it take me no retry on the area (barely pass the second wave though). I guess the story of Ascension is okay, not sub-par with previous series though.

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