Confession of Valkyrian

When I watched the anime for the first time, I never taught of Valkyria Chronicles would spawned a game. Actually that what I thought at first because eventually it was the other way around. Although I never bought it in first place, I borrowed a copy from my friend and it was wasteful for not buying them because this was a truly one of great Tactical-RPG games in PS3 history.

Run when there is a bullets rain.

The story based on an army without anything but a tank go out to a war with much advanced opposition and with a mysterious power of Valkyria. So when the land of Bruhl is attacked by the Imperial, its up to Welkin Gunther and his armies to stop the evil plan of Emperor Maximilian. The game divide by three sections, Command Mode where player can view every combatants position by overhead map and their level of awareness, etc; and Action Mode where player moved their soldier and of course, attack them. Both of the action use AP and while in attack, Target Mode is available and freezes all other action and actually as the name implies, give player a chance to target certain body part or an environment. Command Point that are to be used in moving a unit not just limited to one unit which means that a unit can actually use CP consecutively. To achieve victory, while player are mostly needed to defeat all enemies within the map, certain goals must be fulfill. What unique to this game is player defeat not only limited to lose all the units deploy, but also can be resulted by enemy destroying player’s tank or Alliance camp has been successfully captured by enemy.

That is a cheap way to win the war until we have one of our own.

When played them for the first time, the vibes from playing Front Mission series came to my mind as while VC is not in the same level of FM, it does pretty good job in implenting the BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactical Zone). In fact, I think this is how future Front Mission should be, not what Double Helix Games envisioned for Evolved. As usual after each battle, player is awarded money and experiece to upgarde tank, characters and so on. The training camp while in intermission can gives units a special ability once the job class training is completed. Target Mode is the most useful mode in any tactical game as it has been said earlier where this mode give freedom to players to headshots  the enemies all the time. Another useful thing is the environments surrounding the map. Players can snipe unaware enemy on the high ground and tank can be use to create new path by crumling an obstacle and other benefit such building and other structures can povided a cover. While the escort mission or save the AI mission does give every player a nightmare in any other game, Valkyria Chronicles does not get the same treatment as the player who control them all thus eliminate the annoying AI level of crappiness. The graphic is sensationally great for in-game water color paintings thank to CANVAS graphic engine.

If there is no way to hide, hide behind the tank. Or you can shoot the energy behind the tank for instant game over.

Another thing I like about this game is the players actually have to think hard to be victorious in a map in latter level for the least. There is a training map which can provide players additional experience points outside of the campaign which definitely help to overcome under-level. The success of this game not only spawned an anime, but of course two sequels but unfortunately, it is for PSP which I don’t have. I hope for PSP’s VC is playable on Vita but one can only hope. I highly recommend Valkyria Chronicles.


A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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