Confessions of a Returner

It’s nice to come back, isn’t it? After a long hiatus, I’ve decided to write again (if I have the time). Honestly, I ran out of ideas as what was to be written in my post. Maybe because I’m burnt out. But then again, since one of my co-worker handed in her resignation letter, I’ve been constantly busy filling her role in the company.

One of the last games I played was Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. To me, it is a nice game, but it has been tainted by its previous two installments as well as some gamers hateful feeling toward the protagonist of the Final Fantasy XIII saga. dr35I guess not everything is fine in this industry. While some will love certain games, there’s a small (or rather big in this case) chance someone will hate them. Of course the story is nonsensical in Lightning’s saga, but there’s a reason as to why I like this particular character, as it hold some meaning close to me. Speaking about Final Fantasy, there’s also a game published by Square-Enix I played recently which also has a stoic character in it, called Zero, who is the main character in Drakengard 3. I thought of reviewing it but as I see the game has been reviewed, I seem to agree with most of it. I am sure the technicality issues were touched in the review. Sometimes, the frame rate drop irritated me more than enjoying the game itself. By the way, the game seems like a mindless button smasher, but the again I’m still at the beginning of chapter 3. One thing that hasn’t disappointed me are the cutscenes in the game, especially the opening intro where Zero and Michael slaughter whole armies. I mean Zero was looked like a real person with blood spilled over her.

Edge_of_Tomorrow_PosterAnyway, the month of May is the best. I wouldn’t say the movies currently are really summer blockbusters, with the exception of Edge of Tomorrow. I haven’t watch Maleficent yet, but I guess no movies can beat this adaptation of a Japanese graphic novel. All is there: the plot, the humor, and the acting, especially Tom Cruise. I can see how dedicated Cruise is to completing this film, and there’s no secret that Cruise himself has done all of his own stunts in the movies since Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (to my knowledge). Emily Blunt is okay, I guess, as this is my first time seeing her in an action movie. Actually, at first, I questioned the plot as to why William Cage, a man without any war history in his background, can rise to the rank of Major. Maybe I’m not knowing how ranking works in the army, but whatever. As the story progressed, I had no complaints about anything. The ending though begs a lot questions to be asked, such as why times have been reset to an alternate timeline, for example. Of course, there may be a possible sequel at a later date if this movie really follows the novel/manga. Anyway if I have to rank the movies I’ve recently seen overall, I guess Godzilla came in second, barely beaten by Edge of Tomorrow, based on the graphic novel All You Need is Kill.

I hope I can contribute to leetgamers a bit more than this post, as long as I have the time. Anyway, hoping to see you, the reader, in my next post and you can leave your comments about the summer blockbusters here if you like. Until next time, cheers.


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