Confessions from Eorzea

When it first launched, Final Fantasy XIV faced many difficulties, flawed designs in the game that included an interface that was said to be outdated in the modern MMORPG. Gamers who beta tested it said the game wasn’t interesting. Still, it got released and ended up receiving bad reviews from around the world. About a year after it released to heavy criticism among reviewers, Square Enix decided to re-release Final Fantasy XIV, dubbed now as A Realm Reborn. A suitable renaming, as the game definitely has been reborn, from the boost in graphics to the story now offered to players.

One thing about character creation is that if player create a female, one can increase of her bust

First off, the restrictions in the previous version have been removed, especially the most controversial one, the “Fatigue Systems”, which  punished players who played Final Fantasy XIV over longer periods of time in one go, where players would progressively receive less and less points, both skill and experience, until there are none to be gained. Restriction of gender in races also has been lifted off (in the original version, there is no female version of Roegadyn, a Hulk-like race, for example). Unfortunately in the character creation, there are only a handful of selections that can be chosen and players can’t undo their appearance once the game has begun, unless they obtain special items which can remake a player’s character’s appearance. These items were only available to those who played the game in the first two to three months after the game had been released. After finishing with their creation, players can save the design into a slot, saving them from creating a character from scratch, in case the player decides to add another.

Player can level up their characters fast enough. Once you reach a certain level, both skills other features offered in the game can be unlocked.  One of the methods for leveling up your character is the FATE system, where a group of players can join the quest/battle, regardless of who triggered it first. This is aside from completing a task or discovering a new location. A hunt log requires players to hunt monsters within the world of Eorzea, with additional experience points being awarded on top of the monster’s base experience points. After a major patch is launched in the coming months, PvP (Player versus Player) will be made available.

Player also can form a group of party, just like any Final Fantasy series.

On the field, players can interact with a monster by attacking them, or defending if an aggressive monster detects them and attacks first. In any event, a color line type that serves as an indicator will appear- a blue line designates the player and a red line is dedicated to the monster, similar to the battle system of Final Fantasy XII. With the FATE System, any player can help the one who initiates the battle but only gains half of the experience points that the first player gains. In case a group attacks a monster, the monster will choose who has the most enmity. Enmity is gained by performing offensive moves against a type of monster over and over again and can be lost when you use certain abilities. Staying true to the franchise, Limit Break is made available to characters who master their roles.

Although players have to choose their class/job at the beginning, these can be changed at will by changing their equipment. This makes a skill only available to certain classes that can be used forever while players are changing their job. All classes offered in the game are divided into four disciplines- Disciple of War and Disciple of Magic excel in attacking, while the Disciple of Land and Disciple of Hand specialize in crafting and collecting resources.

One should know which this class based on.

Given how each Disciplines works, players can contribute to the economy of Eorzea. For example, both the Lancer (DOW) and the Black Mage of Disciple of Magic require items that can only be made by characters from the Disciples of Hand, who in return have collected the required ingredients from those in the Disciple of Land. To gain rare material, the Botanist of Disciple of Land, for example, has to buy it from those who complete their jobs from the Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic.

The game still has its flaws, especially when it comes to a quest, where the game seems to fail to give a clear indicator as to where the mission/quest should take place. Also, despite current updates which have additional servers, players may have a hard time to log in. Although it depends on the Internet Provider, the game manages to run smoothly even when things are congested. The menu, however, has been improvised from previous versions of the game. Given that Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has also been released for the PS3, the menu on the PS3 is different from the PC version as the it looks like the XMediaBar (XMB) menu of the PS3.

This is a great game to begin with if you, just like me, are for the first time playing an MMORPG. Final Fantasy XIV is truly reborn with the updated version (or reboot, if you prefer) and we, as gamers, should celebrate the occasion with a passion as A Realm Reborn helps us to forget the abomination of the previous version.




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A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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