Confessions of Gears- Episode 3

A few months after the releases of Xenosaga II, the developer unfortunately decided to cut the series from 6 episodes, making only a trilogy. This was after sales weren’t that great, as well as having to lay-off staff members, including writer, Soraya Saga. On the plus side,  this was the best of the series, with the returning original VA and a better plot compared to previous episodes.

Not just battle but overall graphics greatly improved

The story starts one year later after the end of episode II. Shion resigns from Vector Research and Development Division and proceeds to  join Scientia, an anti-Vector organization. Shion is then contacted by her former assistant in hopes of persuading her to see the demonstration of Kos-Mos. During the demonstration, Kos-Mos is saved by the new Vector Weapon, developed by Roth Mantel, T-elos. After the failure of Kos-Mos, Vector decides it will scrap the KOS-MOS project.  Kos-Mos is to be sent to the CAT facility, where she is to be  abandoned. Jr decides that they should recover Kos-Mos before she is terminated.

I guess this better incarnation of Kos-Mos….. minus the voice. Wait a minute, that is 99.9999998% probabilities right there.

I guess this is where Xenosaga shines the most because the whole story was easy to understand,  with all of the secrets being revealed in  this final episode. The battles run smoothly and, in a move that tops its predecessors, the cut scenes in the game aren’t as boring as they were before. Even with that, I felt there were too many inconsistencies, though I could be wrong.Not to spoil anything, but the ending seems to indicate a continuation, this despite the developers saying that this will be the last episode. Then again,  maybe it’s just that Xenogears is meant to be the continuation of Xenosaga. I would like to make a petition for Xenosaga to make its HD return, but now that may be impossible, since Monolith Soft is currently a subsidiary of Nintendo, which has since published their next game, Xenoblade. On a final note, I felt that the combination designs of the new and old Kos-Mos was very nice.

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