Confessions of Mobile Suit

When I bought my first Gunpla, I think it wasn’t because I had any interest with any of the Mobile Suit Gundam series. It was more because my brother had it. I think my first was SD Shenlong of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Then I abandoned them until the Mobile Suit Gundam Seed series. Since then I’ve tried to follow the universe of Gundam. Unfortunately, the series is going down, and because of that I haven’t watched any of them for the time being.

Epic Battle? I guess not…. It isn’t even close

The first season is all about two races: Natural(Human), who reside on Earth and Coordinator, the enhanced version of human, who live in  colonies in orbit on the brink of war. Like any of the traditional Gundam stories, this one starts off with ZAFT, the Coordinators military, attacking one of the colonies to steals the Earth Federation’s 5 Gundams. All of them were successfully stolen, except for the Strike Gundam, which is piloted by one of the Coordinators, named Kira Yamato. The story is told from various perspectives, especially dealing with Kira’s relationship with Athrun Zala (I prefer to call him Zara), Kira’s long lost friend. For the majority of the season, they battle with each other until Zara nearly manages to kill Kira. Thanks to Lacus Clyne, they join forces to stop the war from brewing by piloting Freedom Gundam and Justice Gundam, respectively. They finally stop the war when they kill the masked villain behind the scenes. Years later, Gundam Seed’s successor, Mobile Suit Gundam Destiny, came out. This time around, the roles are switched as the Naturals declare  war with the Coordinators, primarily ZAFT. After a group of Naturals, calling themselves Blue Cosmos, attack and steal 3 of ZAFT’s Gundams, forcing Athrun Zara to team up with Shinn Asuka. Under the leadership of Gilbert Durandal, ZAFT is ordered to bring an end to Blue Cosmos and any in their way, among them Archangel. Archangel and Kira, with Lacus now acting as the neutral party, stop the war. This is somewhat of a re-run of the first season, with the parties now switching roles until the insurgents of Archangel appear, which makes the story more interesting. Not to spoil anything but the final battle seemed lazy to me and the twist at the end was somewhat predictable.

I love how everything is mirrored in GSD.

When I first watched the episodes of Gundam Seed, it seemed to be an evolution of the Gundam universe,  especially with the drama. I would say the episode titled “With Freedom and Justice” is my favorite, essentially because that was the episode where both Kira and Athrun teamed up to do what’s right. For the second season, Destiny was a roller-coaster ride for me. At first, it seems like Shinn is the protagonist of the story but his antagonistic characterization dumb-founded me, especially the episode of where he mercilessly destroys the Earth’s group of navies. But then I loved how the series related to Zeta Gundam, like the appearance of Athrun which mirrored the Char, or Quattro Bageena in the series, the romantic relationship of Shinn and Stella, and the appearances of the Hyaku Shiki clones (I really don’t remember the name, guys). It’s said that the ending of Destiny is weak, but it’s OVA, which retells the version the ending episode, tries to fix the issues, but ends up at the same level of quality. The ending has Kira joining Shinn, which I guess represents the good side. Before I end my thoughts, both Seed and Seed themes are really good. I ended up downloading most of them to my playlist. If I had to choose one, I would say “Find The Way” by Mika Nakashima would be my favorite. Speaking of that, I remembered how most of the OP and ED was mirrored or replicated in the original series.

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