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odd_xbox_one_meme_1Good day, its been two weeks since I post my thought on something because of the technical issues I have to adhered wth. Anyway before I dive into any trouble, it is my pleasure to take these time to my take on what recently happen mid last week. Originally I taught I maybe don’t have to do this because heck I even don’t have a console from Microsoft, its better that I do FMA: Brotherhood review, trilogy of Xenosaga and so on. But then I can’t take my mind off the X-box One (to many,  it is a lame name).  But then again, I am a huge Sony fan and many will see me a lot bias after reading these post.Maybe because of its feature that made me want to post my taught and to others, half of the nightmare comes true in form of partially must online in order to play the box and of course the matter concerning used games.

I present to you X-Box One that someday will replaces the tablets and SmartTV because we despise Apple’s and Samsung’s success.

First off the presentation, I must admit that I don’t watch the whole story behind the presentation but what I’ve heard from others the presentation is like this, TV, sports, TV, sports, go Internet Explorer, Fantasy Football, Halo TV series, ship collide with a bridge… and dog. Everyone says its plenty but I just saw one dog, sorry.  I can see that Microsoft want to waits until E3 for its games presentation and I can’t fault them. It is a marketing strategy from Microsoft to attract non-gamer to buy their product but please stop making a non-tablet products, or Smart TV for that matter, into one console. I mean if I want to watch TV, I can buy a cheap Smart TV at least. I give up, let call it smart console from now on. Go read my thought on Windows 8 (for laptop) for more. I felt just like that after watching two rants on Youtube. But than again my point seems to be irrelevant if I compare a console features to Windows 8.

Spock finds out what his future-self think about X-Box One through Skype

I try not to bash X-Box One but its used game policy really make me lost at my words. As many have know, one game tied to an account and thus the hard drive on the console. Now let say your friend want to borrow the game, he then have to pay small amount of fee in order to play the game and of course tied on his account. Fine if he is a richmen that don’t care. No one ever ask this question or that I wasn’t fully listening, if this issue were mentioned, what if the friend return the game to the original user? Do the original users have to pay again in order let say, continue his game session? if that is the case, it is better that I don’t buy any of X-Box One games while we can get the same games for PS4 as I do want to sell my games after I do complete them especially to those who can’t 100% purchase them.

Great…. now he try to tell Kirk what he thought about X-Box One.

I remembered one more thing that one gamer questioned to X-Box One games presentation. He asked why X-Box One press on Call of Duty: Ghost instead of its exclusive game. On his comment he used Halo as an example but I rather use Forza 5 as it is confirmed for X-Box One, at least while on the presentation session. Why, is it the matter of COD get the most gamers attention rather their own games? I believe what people wants to see is the exclusive games for the console to shine. Not the multi-platform game. Quantum Breaker (or whatever the game name is) doesn’t really do justice. Another issues touched on Address the Sess (thanks to Rev3Games for shows the video) is the online requirements. It surprise to me that U.S, one of the most over-develop country, still has a rural area that doesn’t have the internet connection according to one of the viewers in the video. When I played SimCity on my PC, it takes forever to load them. When I plays them, after 20 minutes the connection is out. I know the connection here sucks but that when I’m play on the PC. Sure the X-Box One doesn’t require a 24/7 connection but do require them when you want to install the games. Imagines that if the games (worst scenario case) take 48 hours to install because the internet connection suck. The controller is, from what I saw, is better than PS4 because for me, touch pad on the controller is a hindrance rather than convenient and of course I tried to play X-Box 360 and its analog rather felt heavy and I reckons this version fixed that.

Next Kinect. Is it another abomination? That is less likely if there is no game requires them.

It rather long compare to other post and I’m surprised at that. Maybe it just me but if X-Box One doesn’t work out, It may mark the beginning of the end for X-Box at least until Microsoft create new gen of X-Box. Comment on me whether I am a straight basher or I do make a point. If it down to these situation, I say Sony wins this generation of console wars but then again don’t depend on them.


A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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A RPG enthusiast. Love to write anything about games, movies and so on unless if he busy.

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