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From the skies of Columbia to the soils of the USA, from the past to the future,  and, more importantly, from Elizabeth to Ellie, this year’s releases of these two games really do bid a final farewell to the seventh generation of consoles. The Last Of Us has scored high ratings at most  gaming review sites, but was the praise justified? These are my thoughts on Naughty Dog newest creation, The Last of Us.

Well, the game’s story is wonderful like this scenery, it is in mess but still had its beautiful sense.

Let’s touch on the story aspect, which appears to have the same cliched aspects of many zombie movies and games. The best comparison would be to the television series, The Walking Dead. The setting for both is truly what makes for a great zombie movie, and The Last Of Us makes for a very cinematic game. The prologue starts with the infection going wild and creating chaos. The narrative aspects behind The Last of Us may seem like your normal zombie trope, but character development, not only for the main characters of Joel and Ellie but the secondary characters as well, was fantastic. For the first time I felt that I wanted to protect the AI because, surprisingly, I cared for them. Jokes in the game by Ellie prove to provide some stress release, especially after what Joel faces throughout the game.  The relationship  between Joel and Ellie somewhat starts with a total strangers attitude at first, but, as the game progresses, trust builds between them in order to survive the apocalyptic world created in The Last of Us. There was never been a dull moment between them, as the game developed the relationship between the pair well. The ending is satisfying, though it can be stressful, and avoids the pitfalls of many similarly themed games’ climaxes. When you think back on what the characters have been doing throughout the game, you feel their actions may have been justified.

Let us stomp till death do us apart

The game is all about survival and it does this by having limited supplies of ammo and material to craft items with. This was a good move, although at first I was angered at how there were no supplies of any kinds to be at the beginning of the game, which really encourage the players to conserve their ammo and stuff. Towards the end, I decided stealth was the best way to proceed. For the first playthrough, I played on Normal Difficulty and managed to be fully supplied for the game’s final chapters. Molotov cocktails, nail bombs,first aid kits- you name it, and I had it to help me survive. There is no final boss in this game, which added to the realism of it. I remember when I played the first Uncharted, I was excited to play it non-stop until the area where we fought hordes of zombie in close quarters. I think that is where the player first encountered the zombies and after that, I remembered of how I complained about the game’s realism to my brothers. Some have noted that they encountered glitches, but I never really had an issue, save for one instance where Joel is grabbed by runners at one of the scariest parts of the game, where he was alone.The game prompts the players to smash the square button, to avoid being bitten by the infected, but when I did this I ended up bitten each time. This happened several times until magically the square prompt disappeared. Apart from that, the glitches are more funny and and don’t usually cause you harm. As of now, I’ve restarted the campaign on the highest difficulty, where the supplies are truly scarce.

Ellie has Ellen Page numbered.

Will the game have a sequel? Possibly, since that is the current trend, but I hope it will not the ending truly wraps up the story perfectly. What truly surprised me is that Naughty Dog delivered such a mature game. They began with Crash Bandicoot, and have evolved over the years. Uncharted still shows the humorous side of ND,  but The Last of Us is where they try to be a bit more serious. The Last of Us is beautifully crafted from start to the finish.

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