Cooking Mama: Cookstar Comes to Switch Next Month

With word of Cooking Mama: Cookstar having already been leaked, official word of the game coming to Nintendo Switch seemed all but guaranteed. Sure enough, Cookstar has been revealed to the world with an amorphous release window of March 2020 (it seems a tad close to release to not have a date hammered out, but I digress) and a price of $39.99. The game also boasts 90 recipes which can be prepared traditionally or in the new Vegetarian mode. Everything is looking good… for the most part.

This is the first Cooking Mama title to be developed by a studio other than Office Create, the original home of the series. Planet Entertainment seems to be on development duties. but there’s nothing on the company’s social channels talking about the game just yet. There’s also a mysterious Cooking Mama: Cookstar Twitter page with no posts and a link to… which, when followed, brings visitors to a nondescript GoDaddy parking page. These are things that don’t engender a lot of faith, but there’s no reason not to give the game the benefit of the doubt… for now.

Will you be giving Cookstar a taste? Let us know online and down below!

Source: Nintendo Everything

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