Cotton Reboot! details Original, Arrange, and Score Attack modes

Beep has released new information about the game modes in the May-announced shoot ’em up revival Cotton Reboot!

Get the details below.

■ X68000 Original Mode

Cotton Reboot!

A mode in which you can play a faithful port of the Cotton game released for the Sharp X68000 in 1993.

■ Arrange Mode

Cotton Reboot!

A game mode that supports 16:9 aspect ratio, and offers renewed graphics and characters. Enjoy a Cotton for the Reiwa era with newly recorded voice-overs by new voice actors and new background music by well-known games industry composers.

Voice Cast

  • Nata de Cotton (voiced by Nami Miyaki)
  • Silk (voiced by Kaede Horikawa)
  • Queen Berbet (voiced by Tsubasa Himeno)
  • Narration (voiced by Natsu Aikawa)


  • Daisuke Matsumoto
  • Hiroyuki Kawada
  • Hisayoshi Ogura
  • Kenichi Arakawa
  • Kenichi Hirata
  • Kimitaka Matsumae
  • Koichi Namiki
  • Shinji Hosoe
  • Tetsurou Satou

■ Score Attack Mode

A mode to compete against time for the high score online. You can choose between two- and five-minute modes.

Cotton Reboot! is due out for PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam in 2020 in Japan.

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