Cuphead Celebrating One Year Anniversary On Switch With A Sale

Cuphead made waves when it launched on Nintendo Switch back in 2019. The game was formerly an Xbox exclusive, so once upon a time it seemed like nigh but an impossibility that it would ever appear on a Nintendo console. Yet, from the outset a lot of jabber online about Cuphead noted what a great fit it would be for Switch. The timing worked out well, as Microsoft and Nintendo have entered into a partnership of sorts that has seen various Microsoft titles come to the hybrid console, with Cuphead being among them. Now, fans have a chance to save 25% off of the price of the game!

Until April 25, fans can log into the eShop and pick up Cuphead at a very respectable discount. For those who’d like to try their luck, Studio MDHR is also giving away copies of the game for the next week:

It’s a game that every fan should have on their radar if they’ve yet to play it; we’ll try to get a Backlog Review done for Cuphead soon! In the meantime, let us know if you’ll be taking advantage of this sale in the comments and on social media.

Source: Studio MDHR Twitter Account

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