Dead by Daylight Tome II: Reckoning arrives – here’s what it adds

Good news, Dead by Daylight fans – the next Tome update is on the way. Titled Reckoning, the Tome II update of The Archives brings new challenges to Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical multiplayer horror game and a raft of new content to get stuck into. Dead by Daylight Tome II: Reckoning adds new background stories to the game, exploring a wider selection of characters. There are four key memories to look forward to, with a sneak peek of these revealed in the update’s trailer below. These are Steeped in Blood (The Spirit Rin Yamaoka), All the World a Stage (Jane Romero), Ascendance (The Doctor Herman Carter), and Manchester Mash-up (David King). In addition, the update adds new outfits as well as charms for the four characters mentioned above. Plus, there is a new community-created collection to be revealed which will feature outfits for survivor character Feng Min and strategic killer the Clown. Solitary survivor Jake Park will get a new outfit and charms inspired by the Lunar New Year. Source :

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