Destiny Beta- Day Four

This will be a bit shorter than the previous posts, as I’ve basically exhausted what the beta has to show me for now. I’ve spent a dozen hours with the game, and so far it’s proven to be a lot of fun to play. Haven’t had any issues with the game. No lags, no crashes, no freezes. So hats off to Bungie for a smooth beta test so far. I created two new characters today, a male Exo Hunter and a female Human Titan. That gives me a character representing each class and each race. Gameplay wise there doesn’t seem to be a tremendous amount of difference between them, though that could change as you level up higher. For now the main differences seem to lay with the melee attack and your special attack. Warlocks seem to have the most powerful melee attack, using a Force-like push against enemies. Hunters have a blade slash, and Titans just use their fists. Each gets the job done. As far as the special attacks that can be unlocked, all are useful against a group of enemies. The Hunters do vary with their special weapon, as they get a sniper rifle. Only other difference is who you report to at the Tower. Warlocks report to Ikora Rey, Hunters to Cayde-6, and Titans to Commander Zavalla. Another difference is the type of grenades that are unlocked. Again the Warlocks have the advantage with their powerful vortex grenade. Hunters get an incendiary grenade, while Titans merely get a flash-bang that blinds enemies. It may alter your strategy slightly, but for the most part you won’t approach missions that much differently, at least in the early going.

The Crucible can be a different matter, especially if you can find a decent spot for your Hunter to snipe from. But the Crucible seems to benefit more from how you outfit your character, especially making sure you have a trustworthy primary weapon and good armor. It also helps if you’ve played multiplayer in other shooters (something I’ve rarely done). Quick reflexes and awareness of your surroundings serve you best, something that’s obvious to veterans of other FPS multiplayer modes. For those who rarely dabble in those, like me, be prepared to die often, or learn to be more of a support member of your team.

The beta takes a break for two days- Monday, July 21 and Tuesday July 22- before returning on Wednesday, July 23. Xbox owners can get in then and participate until the end of the test on July 27. For those participating, it’s been said to make sure you log in on July 26 for some special rewards. Whether new content will be added after the break isn’t clear. I’m hoping for some, but not really expecting anything in the way of changes. So begins the wait for September 9, when the full game launches. Stay tuned for more of Bungie’s latest as we get new information.

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