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Review of: Deus Ex:The Fall
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Edmen Tam
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On July 17, 2013
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An impressive game for its size, and an experience not to be missed by Deus Ex fans.








Make no mistake here; Deus Ex: The Fall isn’t your console AAA game made into a typical mobile game cash-in by the developer. If you played Deus Ex games, especially Human Revolution, everything is as it should be; a gold-hued conspiracy-filled world full of hack-able door consoles, ebooks and newspapers to fill you in on what’s going on, air vents for a more stealthy approach, side missions, and of course, a world hub filled with things to see and do. It goes without saying that since this is a mobile game, don’t expect multiple huge hubs like Heng Sha, Detroit and Montreal in Human Revolution. Though it features only one hub, there is till plenty of things to see and do, and remember, this is literally a 5-hour-or-so Deus Ex adventure in the palm of your hands.

Hub world of Panama City

Deus Ex: The Fall is a direct sequel to the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. Basically, the future is a world where people can augment themselves with artificial limbs, super-human abilities, and the more augmented you are, the better prepped you are for different tasks and jobs. However, augmented personnel require a certain drug called Neuropozyne. In the game, it helps prevent Neuroprosthesis, which is a build-up of scar tissue that blocks electrical signals between augmentation electrodes and human tissue which inevitably leads to rejection, and death. Because of the dependency of augmented people on the drug, corrupt corporations can limit the supply of said drug, which leads to hiked up prices in the black market.

You play an augmented ex-mercenary named Ben Saxon, who is on a mission to uncover the truth behind a recent shortage of the Neuropozyne drug which is a serious issue. This time around, you are put into a single central hub in Panama City. Like Human Revolution, everything you might expect will be in this game; secret societies, conspiracies, betrayal, and of course, a plot twist. Though the story and style of the game doesn’t thread new ground, it follows the visual cue and style of Human Revolution, which in my opinion is a very good thing. The story of the game and the mysteries within it still got me hooked and fascinated, but maybe that’s because i’m a really huge fan of the Deus Ex franchise. I’m pretty sure you will be too.

Expect to hug walls a lot for cover and stealth

Everything about Deus Ex: The Fall impresses me, because firstly this is a mobile game, but the real draw of the game is that you are getting a full-blown Deus Ex experience with an amazing scope of Panama City. The world of Deus Ex:The Fall is dense, populated with vibrant NPCs, and the attention to detail is simply heartwarming, not to mention the gold-hue as mention earlier perfectly fits the style of a future world like Panama City. You’ll be discovering different areas to explore, and many ways to do it in fact because there is more than one way to access an area. This game never frustrates you because if you don’t have the augments necessary to access a certain area, fret not for you can discover a different path to take. You will be rewarded for getting off the beaten track more often than not and this element brings a sense of how real the world seems because of its non-linearity and unpredictable nature. It is simply incredible how The Fall captures the visual and environmental elements of Human Revolution and nearly perfected the translation of it from console to mobile.

So much to see

This game is an FPS-RPG. Firstly, I will talk about the RPG element, and the FPS later on which is basically the core of the game. The RPG elements in this game are what you expect from Deus Ex. It operates largely the same way as Human Revolution in the sense that you are never too far from obtaining an all new skill, or upgrading an existing one. Note that certain augments have been simplified by being combined with one another, but you’ll still be able to be invisible by cloaking, influencing an NPC in making decisions,  look through walls, track an enemy and many, many more. You will still be collecting credits (currency in-game) and buying new weapons and equipment, but spend them wisely as you won’t be getting much.

Augmentations galore

Now not everything is perfect, and sadly so is the case of Deus Ex:The Fall. Controls on a touch screen has been and always will be a frustrating prospect. Moving around and aiming is fine to a certain extent, but as all FPSs on a touch screen device has shown, unless you have an auto aim feature, the game will frustrate most users. Thankfully the game has a lock on feature, so that would make the combat a bit more bearable. It isn’t much of a problem for me, but it certainly is the element that bogs the game down a notch. Of course, the best way to experience this game is to go all stealth mode. The stealth mechanics of this game may be clunky but it works. While it is no Metal Gear Solid substitute, there is always a satisfaction in finding a stealthy way of  knocking out your enemies rather than firing at them with a weapon. If you, like me still like to hack a security terminal to turn a turret against your enemies, you won’t be disappointed to know that you can still do that in the game and it is as enjoyable as ever. The AI in the game is lackluster to say the least.

Option to knock out or kill your enemy. The choice is yours.

Don’t take the flaws of this game to heart because buggy combat aside, this is still the Deus Ex game you know and love. It is something so astounding that the developers managed to get a game of this caliber and size into a mobile device. This game is best experienced with a slow-paced, stealthy approach, and it certainly won’t disappoint long time fans and newcomers alike. The well-told and well-paced story coupled with an impressive game design satisfied my long wait for this game to arrive since it was announced. This is a mobile experience that I will not soon forget.

Verdict: A-



An impressive game for its size, and an experience not to be missed by Deus Ex fans.
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