Developer Reveals Undiscovered Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4 Easter Egg

One of the best PS4 exclusive games around is Marvel’s Spider-Man. We’ve reviewed it ourselves and felt like it was the best game with the web-slinger to have ever been created thus far. One would think that at this point, people would have discovered every single thing in the game but turns out, there’s one secret easter egg that us gamers may have missed.

Senior engine programmer Elan Ruskin took to Twitter to disclose a secret to players who may not have known about it beforehand. This particular Easter egg forces on the pedestrians who walk around the streets but more specifically, the Orthodox Jews that you will find as you make your way around the city.

As many people know, Orthodox Jews don’t work or go outside on a Saturday due to the Sabbath and this is exactly the same in the game. If you adventure out with Peter Parker and try to find these characters on a Saturday in Spider-Man, you won’t have any luck since these NPCs don’t go out at all on that specific weekend day. This really detailed and cool Easter egg has always been in Spider-Man, but due to it not being overly noticeable, many gamers may have missed out on this.

If this sounds hard to believe, give it a try. I’m sure there will be many of you who are curious enough to see whether it’s true or not.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

If you want to check out our in-depth review of the game, click right here.

Pokdepinion: It may be a rather obscure easter egg but it’s still pretty cool to have the developers pay attention to some minute details regardless.

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