Disembodied-head shmup Zombie…

Disembodied-head shmup Zombie Nation is back, baby 👺

On Switch… and on NES! Strictly Limited Games, how you spoil me (assuming I can get a copy with which to be spoiled).

Not only will the NES game be faithfully reproduced on Switch, but it’ll include the Japanese version, Abarenbo Tengu, in which you control a giant animate tengu mask instead of a giant dead samurai head! “Moreover, this release includes new quality of life additions, such as the Rewind, Quick Save, and Quick Load functions.”

Strictly Limited will offer various collector’s editions, including either European or North American NES cartridges of Zombie Nation, starting October 10 at midnight Central Europe Standard Time. As yet I don’t have information about a digital release.

Fun personal story: after college in like 2004 I worked at a used game shop. Zombie Nation was, at the time, total dollar bin filler. And now… it’s not that. It’s extremely not that. And of course I didn’t pick it up at the time!


Source : https://tinycartridge.com/post/664399616441237504

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