Dragon Ball FighterZ Season 2 Introduces Gogeta, Broly, and More

With the conclusion of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals around, we can now look forward to season 2 of the popular fighting game. In the leaked announcement trailer, we finally see the long-teased Jiren of Universe 11. His playstyle roughly mimics the anime, with counter hits and armor moves accompanied by powerful hits and blasts. We also see a sneak peek at his super finish, which has Jiren completing a destructive blow on Goku.

However, Jiren wasn’t the only character revealed.

In what many didn’t see coming at all, Videl is also being released alongside Jiren. Videl’s appearance is straight from the Great Saiyaman saga, short hair and all. Her moves seem to be a mixture of quick moves, rekkas, and assists from none other than the Great Saiyaman. Videl’s portion capped off with a great finish featuring her and Great Saiyaman dealing out a finishing kick to Majin Buu.

The announcements don’t stop there as Broly and Gogeta from the new Dragon Ball Super: Broly film are also announced with the line up of new characters. The trailer, however, didn’t have any in-game renders of these two characters, only showing clips from the movie instead.

No word yet on a price for the next season or any other additional content at the moment. Gamers won’t have to wait long for Videl and Jiren however, as the two characters are set to release on 31st January 2019 while the other two characters are still unknown at the moment. That’s just a couple of days away.

Pokdepinion: Personally excited about Jiren, but a lot more so for Gogeta.

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