Dying Light 2 Is The Latest Casualty To Suffer A Delay

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Delays are becoming quite commonplace, what with the release dates of Cyberpunk 2077 and Iron Man VR all getting a push in the wrong direction. But today we hear of a third game to suffer the same fate, and that is no other than Dying Light 2.

Will any big game this year make it out on time?

Techland have informed us that the initial Spring 2020 release window won’t be honoured, due to the need for further development time. But they haven’t accompanied that disappointing news with a new launch date, so your guess is as good as mine on that front. Plus, rumours of a PlayStation 5 version causing the change in schedule haven’t been addressed either.

Worryingly, further news is not to be expected for a few months yet meaning we haven’t got much to go on. For all I know, they could be devising a next generation release or at least looking to capitalise on it. But maybe that was the plan all along, and it’s only becoming public news now because Sony have committed to a December hardware release.

Meanwhile, fans online say they saw this coming – what with the lack of recent gameplay footage. And that 2020 is set to be the year of delays! Not that I can disagree with them – this is the third news piece in a week that we’ve published and I doubt it’ll be the last. Without tempting fate, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it’s the new console itself that’s delayed next and what a spanner in the works that would cause…

You can read the online published letter below, but do feel free to share your disappointment also. It’s nice to know there’s someone to survive the dark with.

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Source : https://pureplaystation.com/dying-light-2-is-the-latest-casualty-to-suffer-a-delay/2020/01/

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