EA is Now Under Criminal Investigation Regarding FIFA Loot Boxes

by Aiman Maulana

It appears that the whole loot box fiasco is far from over as the folks over at EA (Electronic Arts) is now under criminal investigation for FIFA.

EA is Now Under Criminal Investigation Regarding FIFA Loot Boxes

EA is Now Under Criminal Investigation Regarding FIFA Loot Boxes

In a rather interesting development in the gaming industry, EA is now under criminal investigation which was launched by the Belgium government. The reason for this is because of the publishers refusal to change / remove the loot boxes in FIFA.

Recently, the Belgium Gaming Commission made a ruling that loot boxes which are present in FIFA 18, Overwatch, CS:GO and other games were in violation with the Belgian Gambling Laws. They have since threatened huge fines and potential imprisonments if the publishers do not comply with the necessary changes.

They weren’t being unreasonable and understand that such change will require a bit of time. As such, the publishers were given 8 weeks to comply with the changes.

Director of the Belgian Gaming Commission, Peter Naessens, said:

Paid loot boxes aren’t an inoffensive component of games which act like games that require skill. Players are being tempted and misguided and none of the protective measures for gambling are being applied.

While 2K Games, Blizzard and Valve, already took measures to comply with Belgium’s gambling laws, EA has denied that loot boxes in FIFA are in violation and has done nothing to comply with the country’s gambling laws. As such, the publisher is now under criminal investigation.

According to Belgium publication Metro, EA has already received a warrant, and the file has been sent to Brussel’s public prosecutor’s office.

Source: wccftech

Pokdepinion: We didn’t think the issue could escalate up to this level but clearly they’re serious about this. Let’s see how this issue develops, not just with EA, but also with other publishers.

Source : https://pokde.net/gaming/ea-is-now-under-criminal-investigation-regarding-fifa-loot-boxes/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss

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