Entwined trailer

Sony has long put out some spectacular indie titles on its platforms, sometimes even eclipsing the big blockbuster AAA games. Games like Journey and Flower offer fresh alternatives to the bombastic, large scale shoot ’em ups and adventures, taking players on trips that are both soothing and beautiful, as well as thrilling. That trend continues with Entwined. Take a look at the trailer below.

Entwined is a love story at its core, dealing with the relationship between an orange fish and a blue bird. The pair are controlled by the analog sticks on the controller, much like in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Players can maneuver the pair through nine stages, where eventually they join together to form a green dragon, allowing you to free roam. There are also five challenge levels in the game. The game is now out for the PS4, and retails for $9.99 (USD). A PS3 and Vita version are set to be released at a later date.

Thomas Juretus

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