Envious over Eevee-themed 3DS XL

Japan just keeps getting the good stuff don’t they? The 3DS XL/LL launched initially with 5 colours for Japan, and 3 for Europe and America. Once that went underway, Japan released a slew of themed 3DS XL/LL that left the world astonished. From Zelda, Monster Hunter, to Fire Emblem Awakening-themed designs, over the past couple of weeks Nintendo  unveiled Pokemon-themed Xls. Joining the ranks of the Pikachu and Charizard (a personal favourite) themed XLs, a new one looms over the horizon. Be very envious over the recently announced Eevee-themed 3DS XL.

Eevee 3DS XL 1

Charming is it not?

Eevee 3DS XL 11Eevee 3DS XL 10

The back and front of the device

Bonus pictures: A wild Pikachu and Charizard 3DS XL appeared!

While it most certainly won’t appeal to everyone, I reckon it’ll be a great gift for girlfriends and it’ll certainly be a collector’s item. Sure you can order one from Japan, but be aware that it’ll cost significantly more, and that the 3DS’ games are region locked. Till we finally get those bundles on our shores (some already are), these products shall just serve as eye candy for now! Yes we still can sob discreetly inside.


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